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Italy COVID-19 VAT Measures

Correct as of 9 April 2020

On April 7, 2020, the government has approved a new Decree with further measures to support Italian companies facing liquidity problems during this COVID-19 crisis. As far as VAT is concerned, companies could apply for a VAT payment deferral and in particular the payment due on April 16th and May 16th, 2020, can be postponed on June 30th in one shot or in 5 monthly instalments.

To get this option a company, with a turnover in 2019 less than €50,000, must have had a turnover on March 2020 less than the one on March 2019 and on April 2020 less than the one on April 2019 for more than 33%. For companies with a turnover more than €50,000 in 2019, the decrease in these two months has to be more than 50%.

Previous decree has postponed filing yearly VAT return, European Sales Listings and Annual Sales Listings to the end of June 2020.

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