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VAT Webinar Highlights

Brexit: A look back to what's ahead
16 July 2021

Brexit is still very much a topic of concern for many businesses and – whether you were in favour of the UK remaining in Europe or leaving - its exit has spelt several changes.  This webinar looked at where we currently stand with Brexit and VAT, what the future holds and what issues are being faced. Read more...

Brexit: Where are we now?
14 April 2021

This webinar was focused on helping businesses look to the future and navigate their way out of the post-pandemic landscape.  Read more...

Brexit: The Practicalities
5 November 2020

Host Client Service Director, Ian Marrow from Rickard Luckin guided participants through the practice steps to take regarding the impact that the current Brexit scenario will have for clients and their customers. Read more...

Quick Fixes in the EU: How important changes on the VAT Action Plan impact businesses from 1 January 2020
13 February 2020

This webinar highlights important changes that will have considerable impact on businesses trading within the EU and internationally. Read more...

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