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MGI Worldwide’s Global IFRS specialists have the benefit of continuing day-to-day experience in IFRS. This means that we can bring practical knowledge to IFRS questions raised and help to apply the sometimes complex regulations in a way that minimises the risk of audit adjustments or the detection of accounting errors by national regulators.

The IFRS Blog is a series of topical issues, common issues and live cases in IFRS Standards and financial reporting.

12 July 2022

Ricardo Ruiz from MGI LT Accountant & Asociados outlines what to do when an entity cannot continue as a going concern and is forced it to end its operations under IFRS.

18 May 2022

In March 2022 Jane Lowden attended a Forum of Firms meeting in London on behalf of MGI Worldwide.  In this blog, she has summarised the key updates from the International Accounting Standards Board.

7 April 2022

This type of transaction is not specifically addressed within the IFRS standards and therefore entities need to look at the substance of the transaction and determine the most appropriate accounting policy in accordance with IAS 8.

21 February 2022

Capitalised items such as Work In Progress (WIP) requires careful attention because WIP includes partially finished products at various stages of completion and relies on the use of management estimates.

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