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M&A fee structures

Fee structures

Because our work is based on long-term relationships, we are never prescriptive about fees.  We are always open and transparent about what we charge and offer flexible arrangements that are appropriate to each client’s circumstances.

Initial meetings are typically offered free of charge and without obligation.

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Susannah Adams, London, UK; David Enser, Chelmsford, UK; Alexander Leoff, Frankfurt, Germany; Pierpaolo Vannucci, Lucca, Italy; Stuart Hendler, Cape Town, South Africa; Carmen Mihaela Simion, Bucharest, Romania; Rafael Castellanos Perez, Mexico City, Mexico; Osman Badat, Ebene, Mauritius, Francesco Bartolucci, Fano, Italy, Frank Fazzari, Toronto, CanadaHaruna Nma Yahaya, Mina, Nigeria; Veasna Chann, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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