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Why choose MGI M&A Experts?

Why Choose MGI?

Every member of our Mergers and Acquisitions team applies the same partner-led client focussed approach that is established within the relationships we build with those we advise.

By taking the time to understand in depth our clients’ strategic goals, we can maximise the chances of identifying appropriate targets and ensuring that negotiations result in the best terms possible being achieved.

Local advice and global reach

We deliver the best of local advice with a global reach.  Our clients want advisors close at hand but need to be confident that they can find potential investors or targets for investment anywhere in the world. 

Our network of over 370 offices across almost 100 countries means that not only are we able to help identify buyers and sellers across the globe but, if a deal is to be done, we are ideally placed to advise on local accountancy and tax issues.  Local experts can provide country-specific advice on matters pertaining to due diligence investigations and business valuation.

In any deal, a key to success will be good communication.  That’s why it is vital that every one of our firms has experts who are fluent in English but, more importantly still, our experts strive to ensure good communication throughout the team working on a deal so that everyone is well-informed and share’s the client’s ultimate goal.  As new issues emerge we can identify them, discuss them with our clients, provide advice on how best to proceed and ensure that decisions are effectively implemented.

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Susannah Adams, London, UK; David Enser, Chelmsford, UK; Alexander Leoff, Frankfurt, Germany; Pierpaolo Vannucci, Lucca, Italy; Stuart Hendler, Cape Town, South Africa; Carmen Mihaela Simion, Bucharest, Romania; Rafael Castellanos Perez, Mexico City, Mexico;  Francesco Bartolucci, Fano, Italy, Frank Fazzari, Toronto, CanadaHaruna Nma Yahaya, Mina, Nigeria; Veasna Chann, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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