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Since 1947, MGI Worldwide has been bringing people and businesses together across every continent, in just about every economic centre in the world.  Our long-standing membership is built on loyalty and trust with many of these professional relationships going back several decades.

One member firm has supported MGI Worldwide clients for over 50 years, others over 40 years and many more than 25 years. Our longest serving member firm is the founding firm, MGI Midgley Snelling LLP in the UK.

Celebrating 70 years - take a look at our timeline over the years

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Read more about our remarkable story over the years, see our 70 year timeline HERE

How we were formed

Initially set up as Midsnell, then Midsnell Group International, later simplified to MGI and now MGI Worldwide network, the international association has expanded all over the world since first starting in the UK, Africa and the US 70 years ago.

MGI Worldwide has always had members in its four main areas of activity: audit, tax, accounting and consulting. Member independence remains an important part of our culture today, as it was when Midsnell comprised only a handful of firms.  Since then, MGI Worldwide has grown into one of the world’s top ranked global networks and international associations of independent firms, with a history built on close friendships and collaborations.

In 2015, MGI Worldwide became a formal network of independent audit, accounting, tax and consulting firms, with a full quality review system of all our network members.

  • What our members say

    “The historical legacy of MGI Worldwide is important because it gives confidence that we have been around for many years, that we are there for the long-term.”

    Jonathan Farrow, MGI Worldwide Company Secretary and Partner at MGI Midgley Snelling LLP 

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