• Greater resources, more expertise and wider range of services

    With almost 9,000 professionals in over 100 countries, our global network with CPAAI brings greater geographical scope and helps members gain the capabilities of the largest accounting firms – all without sacrificing their independence. We are Bigger, Better, Different.

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  • Commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

    We all have a responsibility to create a future that is fairer and more sustainable, and business has a huge part to play in this move towards a more equitable world. Learn about our ESG journey.

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  • Internationally recognised and award-winning network

    Proud to be named Rising Star Network of the Year at the prestigious International Accounting Awards, MGI Worldwide is recognised for exceptional growth, clear entrepreneurial flair and innovation. Always seeking new ways to support member firms and their businesses.

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  • The right choice alternative to the larger accounting firms

    Independent firms backed by our global network offer a more personal and cost-effective solution for clients looking to switch from a larger accounting firm for all their audit, tax, accounting, and business consulting needs.

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  • Opportunities to compete, grow and succeed, together

    Join a worldwide community of independently-owned firms that regularly collaborate and support each other. Building relationships in your region and internationally can open opportunities to compete, grow and succeed, together. We are Bigger, Better, Different

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  • Security and reputation of International Quality Standards

    The security and reputation of the network’s global quality review system and commitment to audit and practice quality as a member of the prestigious Forum of Firms benefits many members and clients – wherever they choose to do business throughout the world. We are Bigger, Better, Different.

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This is our story

MGI Worldwide is one of the world’s largest international networks of independently owned audit, tax, accounting, and consulting firms with a rich history spanning more than 70 years. Named Rising Star Network of The Year at the prestigious International Accounting Awards, MGI Worldwide is recognised for exceptional growth, clear entrepreneurial flair and innovation. Always seeking new ways to support member firms and their businesses.

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  • MGI World Piotr Tarnowski profile picture

    We were pleased to receive not only professional marketing, communications, and brand development support on the worldwide level, but also true engagement and interest from the MGI Worldwide marketing team.

    Piotr Tarnowski, Arena Tax sp. z o.o., Poland 

  • MGI World Celest Dames profile picture

    We have come to know the MGI Worldwide network and feel part of a global family. We have been inspired by what others firms have done and we can’t wait to share our success stories with you in the near future.”

    Celest Dames, MGI Bass Gordon, South Africa

  • MGI World Kim J. Onisko profile picture

    As members we have created strong relationships with other member firms, exchanged ideas and leads, and expect business to develop because of these relationships.

    Kim Joseph Onisko, O&S CPAs & Business Advisors, LLP, USA

  • MGI World Cyndi Leberthon profile picturte

    We look to other MGI Worldwide member firms as collaborators, not competitors, even though we are in similar markets and overlap in several industries and services.

    Cyndi LeBerthon, Wright Ford Young & Co., USA

  • MGI World Felix Kimoli 175x175.jpg (1)

    You have no idea how delighted and indebted I feel to MGI Worldwide for the support they have offered, especially taking the extra step of attending our membership launch event in person.

    Felix Kimoli, MGI Alekim, Kenya

  • MGI World Dario Galloni profile picture

    One of the many advantages of being part of the MGI Worldwide network is the marketing support. Most firms of our size don't have an internal marketing department, so we find it very helpful.

    Dario Galloni, MGI De Leone – Triunfo – Galloni & Associati, Italy 

  • MGI World Nadia Yaich 175x175.jpg

    With a further 4 new member firms recently joining MGI Worldwide in the Africa Region, it is important that neighbouring regions such as Middle East & North Africa work together to provide ever better services to our clients. The MGI Worldwide network allows us to do this.

    Nadia Yaich, MGI Business & Financial Consulting (BFC), Tunisia

  • MGI World Noha Mohamed Samy 175x175.jpg (1)

    When I saw that MGI Worldwide had a section of their website dedicated to the Middle East, I knew that joining the network would help Boubyan Consulting Company to make a good impression with our clients.

    Noha Mohamed Samy Saadeldin, Boubyan Consulting Company, Kuwait

  • MGI World Profile picture of Haruna Yahaya

    MGI Worldwide was my first choice when it came to choosing a global accountancy network. I believe that Haruna Yahaya & Co. will benefit hugely from belonging to such a far-reaching network.

    Haruna Yahaya, Haruna Yahaya & Co., Nigeria

  • MGI World Young Ham 175x175.jpg

    We had a client in Singapore doing business in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and US and within 24 hours I was surprised to receive such quick response to a client question from all fellow MGI Worldwide members.

    Young Ham, MGI Hanmi Accounting Corporation, Korea

  • MGI World Sharon_J_Gregor 175x175.jpg

    We have a lot of family owned businesses, non-profits and governments and we needed the depth of technical expertise all over the United States and the world. It took us a lot of time to find the right organisation to join before choosing MGI Worldwide."

    Sharon J Gregor, Selden Fox, Ltd., USA

  • MGI World profile picture Laszlo Killik

    The more time you invest in MGI, the more referrals and engagement you will get back. MGI is a great part of our lives and not something we can separate from our business. Whatever we do, we do it as a MGI member firm.

    László Killik, MGI BPO, Hungary

  • MGI World Kate Bell 175x175.1.jpg

    Being a positive part of MGI Worldwide is really important. Putting in as much as you want to get out of it. That involves going to meetings, meeting people and being responsive.

    Kate Bell, Rickard Luckin Limited, UK

  • MGI World Faiyaaz 175x175.jpg

    One of the most important things of being a good member of MGI Worldwide is the passion for ones own business because that creates good service innately and this not only helps the firm do well, but it helps MGI Worldwide.”

    Faiyaz Rajkatwala, MGI Salim Rajkotwala & Associates, UAE

  • MGI World Ed Fahey 175x175.jpg

    MGI Worldwide is a big part of our business, it’s a very valuable resource. It’s important we have contacts in other states within the USA as well as the ability to serve our clients that do business internationally.”

    Ed Fahey, RINA Accountants & Advisors, USA

  • MGI World Daddy Nkuvu Wena 175x175.jpg

    MGI Worldwide is represented everywhere in the globe, you have the possibility to be known and recognized and benefit from recommendations that can help you in your business.

    Daddy Nkuvu Wena, MGI Strong Nkv, Congo (Democratic Republic)

  • MGI World Imran 175x175.jpg

    We joined MGI Worldwide almost 20 years ago and with anything great, it involves, time, effort and sacrifice. You must have the belief that the investment in time will pale in comparison to the benefits.

    Imran Assan, MGI Alliance PAC, Singapore

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MGI Worldwide: Join our Global Accounting Network

With over 70 years combined experience as a valuable network for accountants, MGI Worldwide global accounting network, is one of the most frequently chosen international accounting networks for professionals looking to take their business to the next level. We bring a range of accountancy and legal services, including audit, tax and consulting to businesses internationally.  Almost 10,000 professionals from selected, quality approved member firms collaborate across the global accounting network and association to allow clients to do business seamlessly around the world. 

Clients contact and join our global accounting network for personal service and advice. As an international accounting network operating in more than 100 countries worldwide, we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit of collaboration and advice among members, which in turn offers an unparalleled understanding of the challenges innovative businesses face. 

When you become a member of our association for accountants, you benefit from a trusted peer group of firms around the world and from the reputation of a prestigious global brand. Clients can be referred to colleagues within the global accounting network who know the language, culture and legal context of the region and feel safe in the knowledge that their business will be handled with the same continued professionalism and care as it is at home. You will have members-only access to search for resources and advice for challenges you may be facing and will benefit from the industry-specific support that only experienced groups for accountants and networks for accountants can provide.  

Why should I join a global accounting network?

There are a wide range of benefits to global accountancy networks, which can enhance your firm’s local reputation and increase your business prospects too. You can participate in our global and regional networking events, allowing you to make valuable connections, obtain advice and gain an international perspective from trusted peers. At MGI Worldwide, we are proud of our reputation as one of the world's leading global accountancy networks of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms.

If you are a management accountant or member of an accountancy firm looking to form relationships with other global accounting firms and have been looking for value-adding groups for accountants, we would love you to get in contact so that we can tell you more about how membership to an international association for accountants can benefit your firm.