• 70 years of working together doing business beyond boundaries

    MGI Worldwide member firms work together around the world to help clients set up, grow and improve their businesses - wherever they operate, locally, nationally and internationally.

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  • Worldwide resources and expertise you can trust when you need it most

    With some 5,000 professionals in more than 80 countries and an ever-growing presence, MGI Worldwide firms do whatever is needed to make their clients' local, national and international business a success.

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  • People do business with people they know, like and trust

    Growing business is all about growing relationships. In MGI Worldwide you will meet and make friends with other like-minded professionals from all over the world. People do business with people they know, like and trust.

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  • One global accounting network and a world of opportunity for you and your business

    MGI Worldwide has been bringing people and businesses together across borders since 1947. Today we are one of the oldest global accountancy networks in the world.

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  • MGI Worldwide membership brings a whole range of opportunities for member firms and their clients

    “MGI Worldwide is part of our DNA and who we are, without it we would not be half the firm we are. We have been able to help clients in areas outside of our own expertise, thanks entirely to the help and support of fellow members.”

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  • MGI Worldwide is different. Our support doesn't end the day after you join

    To be successful in business you need to stand out from the crowd and MGI Worldwide membership will help you. We are committed to going further to help you make the most of being part of a leading global accountancy network.

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personal :

Partners of MGI Worldwide member firms look after their clients personally. They are committed to providing a level of personal service not found in large firms.


MGI Worldwide members are mid-sized owner managed firms. They understand their clients businesses, aspirations and what it means to be entrepreneurial.


MGI Worldwide has strong representation across 8 geographic regions, in every continent and just about every key economic centre throughout the world.

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with over


yrs experience

This is our story

Since 1947, MGI Worldwide has been bringing people and businesses together across every continent, in just about every key economic centre in the world. 2017 marks 70 years since our first international partnership was born.

From the UK & Ireland to Africa and from North America to Europe, across Asia, Australasia, Latin America, and the Middle East & North Africa, take a look at some of the key milestones in our 70-year history and read more about our remarkable story.

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  • MGI World Sharon Gregory

    We have a lot of family owned businesses, non-profits and governments and we needed the depth of technical expertise all over the United States and the world. It took us a lot of time to find the right organisation to join before choosing MGI Worldwide."

    Sharon J Gregor from MGI North America member firm Selden Fox, Ltd., USA

  • MGI World

    “We have been with MGI Worldwide for more than 20 years and we have got a lot of value from working with other people, to either win work or keep clients and to look at how to share ideas and improve our business.”

    Simon Turner, MGI UK & Ireland member firm Seymour Taylor, UK

  • MGI World

    We had a client in Singapore doing business in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and US and within 24 hours I was surprised to receive such quick response to a client question from all fellow MGI Worldwide members.

    Young Ham from MGI Asia firm MGI Hanmi Accounting Corporation, Korea

  • MGI World MGI Worldwide member Laszlo Killik, accounting firm BPO Audit Tax, black and white profile picture

    The more time you invest in MGI, the more referrals and engagement you will get back. MGI is a great part of our lives and not something we can separate from our business. Whatever we do, we do it as a MGI member firm.

    Laszlo Killik, MGI European member firm BPO AUDIT TAX, Hungary

  • MGI World Kate Bell

    Being a positive part of MGI Worldwide is really important. Putting in as much as you want to get out of it. That involves going to meetings, meeting people and being responsive.

    Kate Bell, MGI UK & Ireland member firm, Rickard Luckin Limited, UK

  • MGI World Faiyaaz

    One of the most important things of being a good member of MGI Worldwide is the passion for ones own business because that creates good service innately and this not only helps the firm do well, but it helps MGI Worldwide.”

    Faiyaz Rajkatwala, MGI Middle East & North Africa member firm MGI Salim Rajkotwala & Associates, UAE

  • MGI World Ed Fahey

    MGI Worldwide is a big part of our business, it’s a very valuable resource. It’s important we have contacts in other states within the USA as well as the ability to serve our clients that do business internationally.”

    Ed Fahey, MGI member North America member firm, RINA accountancy corporation, USA

  • MGI World Danny Nkuvu

    MGI Worldwide is represented everywhere in the globe, you have the possibility to be known and recognized and benefit from recommendations that can help you in your business.

    Danny Nkuvu-a-mbinda, MGI Africa member firm, Strong Nkv, Congo (Democratic Republic)

  • MGI World Imran Assan

    We joined MGI Worldwide almost 20 years ago and with anything great, it involves, time, effort and sacrifice. You must have the belief that the investment in time will pale in comparison to the benefits.

    Imran Assan, MGI Asia member firm, MGI Alliance PAC, Singapore

  • MGI World Thanadee Hongratana Uthai

    With coverage globally as part of MGI Worldwide we realise that we are not alone anymore, we have other people sharing ideas and knowledge that can help our business and that’s really useful.

    Thanadee Hongratana-uthai, MGI Asia member firm. Nathee Audit Office Co. Limited, Thailand

  • MGI World MGI Worldwide member Menashe Knobel, accounting firm Knobel Beltzer Soraya & Co., black and white profile picture

    MGI Worldwide is very important for us. The very fact that our clients know we can help them everywhere in the world, assists us and strengthens our firm.

    Menashe Knobel, MGI European member firm, Knobel Beltzer Soraya & Co. Israel

  • MGI World MGI Worldwide member Stephane Loubieres, accounting firm FCN, black and white profile picture

    It’s important we show customers we are a worldwide organisation and that we can help them develop in countries all over the world with trusted people.

    Stéphane Loubières, MGI European member firm, FCN, France

  • MGI World Bill Wegiel

    One of the things we decided to do when we joined MGI Worldwide is to become very active in the organisation. You get out of it what you put in to it. Having other members of the firm become participants creates a much tighter connection.”

    William E Weigel, MGI North America member firm, Selden Fox, Ltd., USA

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