Business consulting

When preparing your strategy, taking big business decisions, analysing your past and looking forward to the future, you need expert advice from us to help you get it right. 

Business Formation

Setting up a business, especially in another country can be difficult. In more than 90 countries around the world, our experts can support you, not just with the legalities but with all the financial, human and operational decisions you need to make to ensure your business gets going quickly and effectively from day one. 

Class Action Claims Administration

In countries such as the United States, where liability is a major concern and class actions can be extremely weighty and complex, you may need help in managing the administration of class action claims. Come to our member firms for expert advice and management support.

Corporate Finance

Financing your assets, projects or acquisitions effectively and cost-efficiently is not always easy, especially if your operations cross borders. MGI Worldwide firms are experts in helping companies obtain and structure the optimum financing deals quickly and efficiently.

Interim management/non-exec

Sometimes you need a senior management role to be filled only for a limited duration, during a period of restructuring, transition or turnaround or while you take time to find a permanent solution. Interim management can be a brilliant and often innovative solution.

On the other hand, you may want or be legally required, to have non-executive directors on your Board to give impartial and experienced advice from outside the day-to-day fray of business life.

Our members can supply these services directly or through their own recruitment sources.

Employee Benefit Plans

You want your employees to be happy, motivated and committed. At the same time, you have to be responsible in the use of your precious financial resources.  Come to us to get the best impartial, expert advice on how to select and manage the most attractive and the most efficient benefit plans for your staff.

Family office

If you have high net worth and a family or you have a large and successful family business, managing all the varied and sometimes conflicting contributions, needs and expectations of your family can be very difficult. You need the outside support of someone who can understand your requirements and values and make sure that all the big and small details of your family’s financial and other needs are dealt with effectively and tactfully on your behalf.

Government Investigations

Tax and legal compliance is not always straightforward and it is easy to get it wrong. When the government comes to call to find out what you have done or not done, make sure you have experts like our member firms on your side to make the process as efficient, transparent and painless as possible.

Human Resources

Let our member firms manage your human resources: recruitment, induction, career development, retention, training, legal compliance, promotion, assessment – our firms are there to help.

Litigation Support

Sometimes law cases require technical financial, taxation or accounting support. Come to us to help you.

Market Studies and Marketing

Do you fully understand your market or a market you are about to enter? Do you have the marketing expertise to make your business the success it deserves to be? Some of our firms are experts in giving you the advice and practical support you need.


Our firms can advise you with the legal, financial and practical steps you need to take to evaluate, report and transfer the estate of someone who has deceased.

Risk Management

Our member firms can provide expert analysis and management of financial, economic and operational risk, whether in your investments or in your businesses.

Succession Planning

You love your business but have you planned what to do with it when you retire or leave? Succession planning is almost always left too late and often involves emotional and conflictual decisions. Come to us early and make sure your departure is prepared with forethought and calm not emotional upheaval and rushed decisions. 

Systems Selection & Support

Choosing and implementing IT systems is ever more complex and ever more critical to the success of your business. Getting it wrong can be disastrously expensive and hugely disrupting.  Get our expert advice to take you through the process, to make sure your choices are effective for your business, timely, cost-effective and properly implemented.


For a wide range of reasons, you may need your income, wealth or assets to be held, managed or disbursed through a trust or fiduciary service. You need to take great care that these services are set up effectively, efficiently and are legally compliant. Come to the experts.

Wealth Management

Is the wealth you have built up with so much hard work being effectively used? Are you applying it in the way you need, according to your risk, income and capital needs? Is it secure and legally compliant? You need to come to our member firms, wherever you live and wherever your wealth is held, to help you get it right.


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