A workcation is a blend of work and vacation, providing opportunities for individuals to choose to work at different MGI Worldwide offices, allowing them to enjoy a change of scenery, gain new experiences all whilst fulfilling their work responsibilities.

Since the initial launch of the Workcation Initiative in June 2023 we now have 16 countries in 5 of the 8 MGI Worldwide regions taking part by offering space in their office for members wishing to work whilst extending their vacations.

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The concept of a Workcation 

A Workation is an individual taking a break from their usual place of work, but not from the work itself. They are ‘working away from the workplace’ and choosing to extend or combine a vacation whilst working remotely. This is not to be confused with the more formal (and often complex) secondment scenarios.

Learn more about the differences HERE.

Workations are short term visits by an individual in a different city or country, where they choose to spend a short period of time working out of a different MGI Worldwide office. This can range from a day or two to a week or so as agreed in advance by both parties.

There are many potential benefits, click on the headings below to learn more.

Opportunity to make more of holiday entitlement Opportunity to make more of holiday entitlement

Individuals can enjoy different cities and countries without having to use all of their holiday entitlement (working while on vacation) and providing improved work-life balance by seamlessly integrating work and leisure.

An added bonus is being able to take advantage of mid-week flights which tend to be more cost-effective.

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Extend your network Extend your network

Individuals can extend their network and see how different international firms operate, experience different work cultures and environments, knowledge which can be reinvested back at home.
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Share knowledge Share knowledge

Individuals can offer knowledge or a different perspective to the host firm (it works both ways).
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 Renewed commitment and time for self care Renewed commitment and time for self care

Individuals can feel they have a ‘renewed commitment’ to their career and their firm with the opportunity to take time for self-care and rejuvenation while still fulfilling professional responsibilities.


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 Talent retention and attraction Talent retention and attraction

Participating firms can take advantage of the opportunities to retain staff and improve their talent attraction in the local market by promoting Workcation opportunities as an employee incentive. It can also address the increased demand for flexible working places among employees, stimulate motivation and promote a better work-life balance.


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Take a look at our short explainer video