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We all have a responsibility to create a future that is fairer and more sustainable, and business has a huge part to play in this move towards a more equitable world.

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Operations Manager, Nicki Lynn recently joined Chloë Clarke of ESGmark® in their latest podcast episode to discuss MGI Worldwide’s journey into sustainability and the role of the accountancy profession in promoting ESG best practices.

In December 2021, with the backing of the International Committee and former MGI Worldwide CEO, Clive Bennett, MGI Worldwide become the first global accounting network to be awarded the ESGmark® certification, which is awarded to organisations which demonstrate strong Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) credentials and an ongoing commitment to positive change. 

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As a leading global network of independent accounting firms, MGI Worldwide’s focus has always been on supporting member firms and finding ways to grow and enhance their businesses through membership.

Being able to show that we are actively taking steps and making a conscious effort to act more responsibly and sustainably in the support that we offer and all that we do as part of membership is becoming increasingly important.

MGI Worldwide and ESGmark®

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Joining the ESGmark® community is the first step on the ESG improvement journey for MGI Worldwide. It’s only a beginning but we hope member firms around the world will join us. 

MGI Worldwide was fortunate to have ESGmark® Co-founders Justin Bates and Portia Patel speak at last year’s MGI UK & Ireland conference, following which Portia commented:

“The level of engagement and interest in ESG from a new audience was really gratifying and it is wonderful to already be helping some of those member firms of MGI Worldwide on their ESG journey as a result.”

Watch the video

Members can watch the ESGmark® presentation that was recorded at our UK & Ireland conference titled ‘Empowering organisations to create a fairer, more responsible, and sustainable future’.

This video offers a good introduction to ESGmark® and how they are helping organisations like MGI Worldwide on all ESG related matters.

For further information visit esgmark.co.uk

ESG promise

MGI Worldwide aims to help identify ESG best practices and resources that will help navigate the emerging and growing interest in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance issues and opportunities facing the future of business and what this means for:

  • Our organisation
  • Our member firm businesses
  • Clients of our member firms

It’s the small steps we can start considering now that in time will make a positive difference. We look forward to evolving as we become more familiar with the elements and practicalities of ESG and how it can form part of all our decision making.

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This initiative is led by International Business Development Manager, Nicki Lynn.