Tax authorities are increasingly aggressive and invasive in their approach. You need to make sure that every detail of your business is correctly reported in your corporate, personal, social, wealth and VAT or sales tax returns. With ever more complex tax regulation, getting your tax reporting right can be difficult: getting it wrong can be very expensive. We are there to help.


We have experts around the world to help with customs issues – duties, excise, taxes, and legal procedures as your services, goods, and supplies cross borders.

Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

As you build your business and your wealth, so you want to make sure that your family and others who will inherit your estate get a fair and efficient share. As a high net worth client you need to make sure that you and those whom you want to benefit from your wealth will not only comply with all the legal requirements but also that the transfer will be financially and economically efficient and be done in accordance with your wishes and values.

Our specialist firms will invest time, resources and expertise in understanding your needs and planning for the future.

Tax agency representation

Tax can be very complicated and dealing with the tax authorities can be fraught with technical, legal and operational difficulties, especially during an inspection or audit. Let our member firms supporting you and represent you to the authorities with all the expertise and experience that you need.

Commercial tax

Companies have a duty to their shareholders to be tax efficient. You need to make sure that while meeting all the legal requirements of often extremely complex tax law, your tax burden is optimised. Planning your tax exposure is critically important and can be highly technical. We can help you get it right.

Inheritance and gift taxes

Let our members help you plan, calculate and correctly report the various and sometimes difficult tax issues associated with inheritance and gifting of estates.

International tax

International taxation – corporate, personal, sales, customs -  is not easy. As soon as your business starts operating in more than one country, you need expertise to make sure you comply with different tax regimes and keep your tax exposure as efficient as possible. 

Personal taxation

If you have a business or senior position, especially if you are operating across borders or have significant wealth and assets, you need personal taxation advice. You need to make sure you stay on the right side of the tax authorities while not overpaying out of your hard-won income. Our members will give you advice that will keep you legal and tax-efficient.

Property tax

In some jurisdictions, property taxes can be a major burden and fiendishly complex. Come to our member firms to get the best advice and help you minimise your tax liability and comply with the law.

State & Local taxes

In some countries, you have to pay tax not only to the federal or national government but also to state, provincial or municipal authorities. It can be very messy. Allow us to help get it done and get it right.

VAT & Sales taxes

Managing VAT and sales taxes effectively can be very tricky. The cash flow and legal implications of getting it wrong can be disastrous to any company, big or small. Let us help take away the burden and the pain.

Transfer Pricing

If you carry out transactions for the provision of supplies, labour or services between different divisions of your company or different subsidiaries of your group, you are subject to intense examination by the tax authorities of the pricing decisions you take. If you do this across borders then it becomes even more complex. Let our transfer pricing specialists advise you, to help you be both legally compliant and tax-efficient.


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