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MGI Worldwide has been strengthened and structured to provide dynamic, transparent leadership for our member firms.

International Committee (our organisation's supervisory board)

Elected by members from each region, the International Committee's (IC) role is to supervise the management team, to take strategic decisions and to represent the interests of members worldwide. Three members of the IC are elected to form the Executive Committee (EC).

  • MGI World Roger Isaacs 100x100 bw.jpg
    Roger Isaacs

    Bristol, UK
    Represents UK & Ireland
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  • MGI World Cuauhtemoc Alfonso 100x100 copy bw.jpg

    Cuauhtémoc Contreras

    Mexico City, Mexico
    IC Member*
    Represents Latin America

  • MGI World Laszlo B&W 90x90.jpg

    László Killik

    Budapest, Hungary
    IC Member*
    Represents Europe

  • MGI World Daddy Nkuvu 100x100.jpg

    Daddy Nkuvu Wena

    Kinshasa, Congo (Democratic Republic)
    IC Member
    Represents Africa

  • MGI World Imran Assan 100x100 bw.jpg
    Imran Assan

    IC Member
    Represents Asia
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  • MGI World Lawrence Wong 121x121 bw.jpg

    Lawrence Wong

    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    IC Member
    Represents Asia

  • MGI World Greg Winette 100x100 bw.jpg

    Greg Winnett

    Melbourne, Australia
    IC Member
    Represents Australasia

  • MGI World Profile picture of Sam Acquaviva on light background

    Sam Acquaviva

    Perth, Australia
    IC Member
    Represents Australasia

  • MGI World Enrico Bressan 100x100 copy 2 bw.jpg

    Enrico Bressan

    Milan, Italy
    IC Member
    Represents Europe

  • MGI World Andres Uribe 100x100 copy bw.jpg

    Andrés Uribe

    Bogotá, Colombia
    IC Member
    Represents Latin America

  • MGI World Juan Carlos Guerra 100x100 bw.jpg

    Juan Carlos Guerra

    Quito, Ecuador
    IC Member
    Represents Latin America

  • MGI World Boumesmar, Mohammed 300X300 Copy 2

    Mohamed Boumesmar

    Casablanca, Morocco
    IC Member
    Represents Middle East & North Africa

  • MGI World Paul Rudoy 100x100 copy 2 bw.jpg

    Paul Rudoy

    Pittsburg, USA
    IC Member
    Represents North America

  • MGI World Ray Frierson 100x100 bw.jpg

    Ray Frierson

    Houston, USA
    IC Member
    Represents North America

*Members of the Executive Committee

Global Management

Comprises a CEO working in close cooperation with the Global Marketing Team. His job is to lead and manage the organisation, subject to the supervision of the EC and IC. They and the IC are advised and supported by the Company Secretary.

**Jonathan is a Partner of member firm MGI Midgley Snelling

Regional Coordinators

Each region has a permanent Executive, reporting to the regional management, leading and managing the area on a day-to-day basis.

  • MGI World Audrey Danasamy 138x138.jpg

    Audrey Danasamy
    Melbourne, Australia
    Regional Director Asia, Middle East & Africa, Africa

  • MGI World Caterina Sullivan BW 138X138 (1)

    Caterina Sullivan
    Canberra, Australia
    Regional Coordinator, Australasia

  • MGI World Zoltan Paksy 138x138.jpg

    Zoltán Paksy
    Budapest, Hungary
    Regional Director, Europe

  • MGI World Andrea Pallas 138x138.jpg

    Andrea Pallas
    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Regional Director, Latin America

  • MGI World Fernanda López 138x138 bw.jpg

    Fernanda López
    Zacatecas, Mexico
    Mexico Manager, Latin America,

  • MGI World Joe Tarasco 138X138

    Joe Tarasco
    New York, USA
    Regional Director, North America

  • MGI World Paul Winder 138x138.jpg

    Paul Winder
    Sussex, UK
    Regional Coordinator, UK & Ireland

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    Clive Bennett, CEO, explains why membership is important

    “The world is becoming ever more global. These days small and medium enterprises, even startups, are doing more locally, nationally and internationally. Statistics suggest up to 50% of revenues for SMEs could be from international business within the next 5 years."

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    Sharon J Gregor from Selden Fox, Ltd., USA talks about the benefits

    We have a lot of family owned businesses, non-profits and governments and we needed the depth of technical expertise all over the United States and the world. It took us a lot of time to find the right organisation to join before choosing MGI"

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  • What members say

    Young Ham from MGI Hanmi Accounting Corporation, Korea, on why they joined

    We joined MGI Worldwide to enhance our firm’s international capabilities. We had a client in Singapore doing business in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and US and within 24 hours I was surprised to recieve a response to a client question from all MGI members.

  • What members say

    Luis Uncal from MGI Jebsen & Co., Argentina on how MGI helps business

    For us it is very important to belong to an international organisation for our business but also for keeping our clients. From one client alone, it has allowed MGI Worldwide members to obtain revenues exceeding 300,000 euros from one multi national client in the last four years.

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