Interested in joining other members working in the family office sector to share experiences, knowledge and develop a strategy for the group?

The purpose of the Global Family Office group is to provide high-value family wealth clients with a go-to group of trusted family office advisers, who can offer advice and support on managing wealth across borders. 

MGI Worldwide is on the lookout for members of our international accountancy network who have experience in supporting clients with high-value family wealth to get involved with the Global Family Office Group and invite you to join this open call.

Not only will getting involved help you and your firm to access expert advice on managing family wealth from around the world, it will also provide ongoing support and the chance to grow your business.

We appreciate that this time will not work for all time zones. Please let Nicki Lynn ([email protected]) know if you would like to be involved and she will look to arrange a second call at a more appropriate time.

Nicki Lynn

Operations Manager

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