Members of the Specialist Group will also provide any relevant updates and share their knowledge and experience in all matters relating to VAT.


  • Penalties and Fines: reminder of the project instigated by Kirsten Neilsen (Redmark, Denmark). We’d still like members to submit their information to this database of penalties for VAT in their respective country/member state.
  • TOMS discussion: with no harmonised definition of services under TOMS, we’d like to discuss the differences in each country/member state represented on the call. Fabian Thumm (Menold Bezler, Germany) and Ian Marrow (Rickard Luckin, UK) will share some recent examples.
  • Quarterly MGI Worldwide Global VAT Group Newsletter: idea presented by Ian Marrow (Rickard Luckin, UK). Bringing together highlighted changes and case law from different locations around the world. Germany, Italy and the UK will already be covered by the Core Group members but for this idea to be successful it will require others to contribute. Discussion lead, by Ian, on whether this is a feasible idea to take forward.

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