Fabiola Annacondia from the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) will provide a one hour training session covering recent developments in VAT. 

This session will cost 60 Euros per person. An invoice will be emailed to you once you have registered and we kindly ask that you arrange settlement as soon as possible.

The session will cover the following areas along with time for questions and answers with Fabiola: 

  • Update of the ViDA proposal
  • Case law discussions:
    • Fixed Establishment: C-232/22 Cabot Plastics Belgium

    • Holding Companies: C-98/21 W-GmbH (also related to the right to deduct) as regards Holding Companies, this is the latest decided case - 2022

    • Triangular transactions: C-247/21 Luxury Trust Automobil GmbH

    • Right to deduct VAT: C-519/21 ASA v. DGRFP Cluj  /  C-289/22 A.T.S. 2003