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In recent years, thanks to the process of globalisation of the world economy, progressive international economic integration, rapid technological progress and increasing competition, dynamic developments can be observed in multinational companies.

Today, transfer pricing is one of the main tax issues faced by many international businesses. No matter if your business is a high-growth start-up or an established multinational corporation, all are obliged to comply with transfer pricing rules. This means that there is an obligation to have transfer pricing documentation available at any time regardless of your tax jurisdiction.

We believe that transfer pricing assistance should not be provided as a one-off measure. Instead, transfer pricing risks should be continuously managed and developed in the context of specific business needs of each company. As an alternative for the Big Four, we provide tailor-made solutions according to your specific business needs and everyday challenges.

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    About our services

    Transfer Pricing experts in our network provide a full range of services from provision of APAs to handling large global assignments including...

    2nd June 2020 |