Global IFRS Specialist Group

Our team of Global IFRS Specialists deal with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on a daily basis, share knowledge and best practices, and ensure the correct application of IFRS on a globally consistent basis.

Global IFRS Specialists; truly global accounting & reporting

To make working together on an international basis easier, the IFRS Foundation prepared standards compatible with international law. Nowadays IFRS Standards are mandated for use by some 140 countries, including the European Union and by more than two-thirds of the G20.

Our team of Global IFRS Specialists help affected companies and their MGI Worldwide colleagues around the world with a range of audit, tax and accountancy services including:

  • Help in the preparation and presentation of financial statements
  • Guidance in the execution of impairment tests according to IAS 36
  • Purchase Price Allocations in accordance with IFRS 3 
  • The quick availability of answers to urgent queries or problems
  • Support when dealing with new standards
  • Assistance in the process of adopting IFRS for the first time (IFRS 1)

High quality, reliable information minimises risk

Our Global IFRS Specialists have the benefit of continuing day-to-day experience in IFRS. This means that we can bring practical knowledge to IFRS questions raised and help to apply the sometimes complex regulations in a way that minimises the risk of audit adjustments or the detection of accounting errors by national regulators.

With the increasing globalisation of business, it is now more important than ever that company accounts are understandable and comparable across international boundaries.

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Steven Zabeti
Sydney, Australia

Ahmad Samadi
Melbourne, Australia

Jane Lowden
London, UK

Ricardo Ruiz
Dominican Republic

Chiheb Ghanmi
Tunis, Tunisia

Michael Grune
Stuttgart, Germany

Sabine Stader
Munich, Germany

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