Tunisia, known for its golden beaches, sunny weather, and unique blend of Arab and Berber cultures and influence, will be an ideal location for the MENA region members to gather and explore business opportunities and set the direction for the region for the next few years.

Tunisia is bounded by Algeria to the west and southwest, by Libya to the southeast, and by the Mediterranean Sea to the east and north.

Tunis is the capital and largest city of Tunisia is situated on a large Mediterranean Sea gulf (the Gulf of Tunis). As of 2020, it is the third-largest city in the Maghreb region (after Casablanca and Algiers) and the eleventh-largest in the Arab world. It is a blend of ancient Arab souks and mosques and modern-style office buildings.

Tunisia’s culture is highly diverse, in part because of long periods of Ottoman and then French rule but also because populations of Jews and Christians have lived among a Muslim majority for centuries. Tunisia's economic growth historically has depended on oil, minerals, agri-food products, car parts manufacturing, textiles and tourism. Tunisia like many other countries in the region the COVID-19 pandemic and more recently the war in Ukraine have had a negative impact on the economy which was already vulnerable.

I look forward to welcoming you to Tunis

Audrey Danasamy

Regional Director

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