MGI members collaborate to promote better flow of foreign direct investment

6th November 2013

MGI World MGI member firms Studio Pragma, Italy and MGI Pozitif Auditing & Consultancy

MGI member firms Studio Pragma, Italy and MGI Pozitif Auditing & Consultancy, Turkey, have come together to work with the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ITC) in Istanbul to strengthen international relations and promote a better flow of foreign direct Investment between the two countries.

The first meeting took place this September where Mr. Francesco Bartolucci and Ms. Angela Ojetti from Studio Pragma went to Istanbul to meet with fellow MGI members, Mr. Oguz Kemal Bulut and Mr. Kenan Ozsarac and the director of the ICE in Turkey, Mr. Ferdinando Pastore.  The meeting provided the opportunity for fellow MGI member firms to discuss future collaborations on projects, reinforce their connections and build on what is an already a strong relationship. 

Mr. Kemal said, "We, as MGI Pozitif Istanbul, have been very happy to host our dear MGI colleagues in Istanbul. We are very hopeful that this visit will create great opportunities between our offices. It seems that in the near future some Turkish and Italian investors will make investments in different sectors through our efforts.”

ICE event in Turkey

During the coming months, the two member firms will be working together to organise an event, along with the ICE in Turkey.  This will promote investment and raise awareness of the potential Italy has to offer.  One of the main objectives of the ICE is to share information about specific countries, markets and sectors through their widespread presence all over the world and the frequent participation at strategic events such as this.

Mr. Francesco said, “Our journey to Istanbul has been very interesting both personally and professionally. This experience has proved that it is possible to cooperate in synergy inside the MGI network and take advantage of the benefit this brings.

We are confident that our common effort will soon develop the results we are looking for.  We would like to thank both Kenan, Kemal and Mr. Pastore for their cordiality and for the opportunity this has presented.“

Future opportunities for fellow MGI members

Studio Pragma has been in discussions with the ICE headquarters in Rome for some time to help Italian and foreign companies invest overseas. Istanbul was chosen because of the already established relations with fellow MGI members, MGI Prozitif Auditing & Consultancy, whom they have worked with previously.

Studio Pragma are looking to other countries to strengthen international relations and help promote future international trade and business opportunities, not just for Italy but also for other countries looking to invest overseas.

For further information visit: 

For more information please contact: Francesco Bartolucci  | Managing Partner, Studio Pragma and Chairman of the Coordinating Committee, MGI Europe  | 

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