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8th April 2015

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There are ‘ample’ business opportunities between our two organisations says Clive Miéville. 

MGI talks to Clive Miéville, Managing Director at Mackrell International (MI), MGI's sister Lawyers' Network, to hear how MGI and MI member firms can collaborate more.

Our history

As many MGI members will know, MI was formed through Midgley Snelling, MGI’s founding firm in the 80’s.  Clive says "they wanted another organisation but with Lawyers, so really MI comes out of MGI.” The network now has 4,500 lawyers in 60 countries worldwide.  

Clive MievilleClive goes on to say: "This relationship has helped a lot of people coming into our organisations. The fact that we have this special relationship, that we are friends.  It is a key selling point for both our organisations."

The benefit to member business

“Each firm can bring business to the other firm", says Clive.

"Each is in the same geographic area, working with the same type of client. There are ample opportunities but competition is rife.  Both MGI and MI firms should foster these privileged relationships and the best way to do that is to meet. Some are naturally good at this, others are not and the chemistry is not always good between each and every firm." 

Clive goes on to say, "if you are not happy with Firm A, try Firm B. If you do not get a reply from an email, send a second email, get someone else to send a third, get on the phone and so on.  It seems very few speak to others within our two organisations to help. Often a referral from an Area Coordinator, MGI CEO, Clive Bennett or me, MI MD can get a better result.” 

Converting it into business

There are potential opportunities to convert existing client relationships into a larger client of MGI or MI as many members cover the same clients without knowing it.  “We all know it is far easier to get business out of an existing client rather than a new one” says Clive.

For example, MI is starting to work on active business development rather than passive.  “If you are sitting in London or New York, business referrals will come in because you are there. If you are sitting in Hanoi or the middle of Missouri, referrals are not going to come in as often.  You cannot be passive about it you have to be active.” says Clive.  

MI recently identified that member firms were good in some segments of the market, IT, Hospitality etc. Clive adds, “You can build up where we are good.  Working this way can help members join up on potential business opportunities that are already there.”

At least 10 or 15 firms work together regularly across our two organisations.  One Area where MGI and MI work particularly well together is in the UK & I.  You can read more about this here.

Practical advice to members

  • Make contact with your local MI member, see MI directory
  • Send an email, send 3 emails, pick-up the phone
  • Contact other people in our two organisations for an introduction
  • Visit their firm, get to know their business, their aims, how they work
  • Organise a lunch along with 3 or 4 of your partners
  • Put half an hour in your diary every month for MI or to follow-up
  • If you can, attend a local MI meeting, see MI events

Beyond this, there are future opportunities to deepen the ties between MGI and MI and get more business flowing. Clive Miéville and Clive Bennett are already working closely together.  They recently met the MGI Executive Committee and the Chairman of MI, Michael Connelly, to discuss actions to achieve this.  

Clive Bennett says ‘Closer relationships between MGI and MI member firms can only be good and will provide ever more business opportunities.”

For more information MGI members can visit the MI website or contact Clive Miéville on and Clive Bennett on

Pictured: Clive Miéville  

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