MGI members in Mexico annual meeting

10th February 2015

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MGI members from all over Mexico converged on the nation’s capital last month to discuss shared business and training opportunities.

MGI Bargalló, Cardoso y Asociados, S.C., which is based in Mexico City, was the host of the event which drew 16 members for the day. The focus was on building strategic alliances and the standardisation of work processes.

It’s another example of how MGI firms can leverage the scope of the alliance to develop business and expertise. Regional events across Latin America have been taking place in recent months as members seek new ways to work together.

Francisco Gamez Ponce, of MGI Despacho Gámez Leyva y Asociados, S.C., hailed a successful event and said MGI is now on the hunt for more members to join the alliance in Mexico.

“We're looking for 4 new offices in Mexico in the cities of Leon, Monterrey, Hermosillo [and] Mexicali,” he says.

Attending the event were:

Rafael Castellanos (MGI Bargallo Cardoso) – José Roberto Zavala (MGI Zavala Consultores) – Luis Enrique Bautista (MGI Bargallo Cardoso) – Cesar Miranda (MGI GPM Contadores) – Noel Aguilar (MGI Bargallo Cardoso) – Frank Gámez (MGI Despacho Gámez Leyva) – Cesarero Miranda and Víctor Gutierrrez (MGI GPM Contadores).

Paco Ames (MGI Chavez Ames) – Roger Cabañas (MGI Grupo Corporitax) – José Cardoso, Jaime Bargallo and Jesús Perea (MGI Bargallo Cardoso) – Reyna Miguel Santilla (MGI Santillan Jimenez) and Guadalupe Chavez (MGI Chavez Ames).

MGI Mexico annual Meeting

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