Votum and MGI Jebsen & Co strike the perfect match

22nd May 2015

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MGI members from Germany and Argentina have demonstrated how firms can work together on attracting and retaining talent in a globalised market place, and helped ensure a happy ending for an international love story at the same time.
Frankfurt’s Votum AG was contacted by MGI Jebsen & Co in Buenos Aires about offering a traineeship to an employee, Fernando Yañez, who had fallen in love with a German law student trainee at MGI Jebsen & Co., who was herself moving back to Europe.
After placing Yañez, who is a trained auditor, with Votum for some months the German firm offered him a permanent post. While this was great news for the couple, it was a decision rooted firmly in business.
Alexander Leoff, CPA and German Public Auditor from Votum, said the firm has growing business with Ecuador. “Having a Spanish speaking person in the company is advantageous for these jobs, and we are convinced also for other Spanish speaking MGI members, which have business in Germany,” he explains.
When up against the biggest networks, independent accounting and audit firms can struggle to attract and retain the best young talent. By leveraging the international scope of the MGI alliance, however, we see it’s possible to create opportunities in the right areas for up and coming employees.
Members can place individuals with another member firm for a short period to learn about a particular area of the industry, or to develop their experience in a particular market.
For more information on either of the firms involved click on their MGI member profile pages: Votum AGMGI Jebsen & Co

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