Proactive approach to MGI Worldwide membership pays off

6th June 2016

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Italian firms ‘proactive approach’ to membership sees them attend the MGI Middle East & North Africa Area Meeting and refer their client to fellow Moroccan member.

Senior associate at Vannucci & Associati, Pierpaolo Vannucci based in Lucca, Italy, describes how choosing to attend the MGI Middle East and North Africa Area Meeting helped him service a client with Moroccan business interests. A ‘resounding success’ he says.

Vannucci & Associati is a small to medium sized Italian accounting firm with  a big focus on transnational legislation and relations. Based in the historic city of Lucca in Italy’s Tuscany region, the business nevertheless works hard to build strong relationships with international clients and partners. 

Associati _vannucci _1As such, Pierpaolo Vannucci – senior associate at Vannucci & Associati – takes an extremely proactive approach to MGI Worldwide membership. This forward-thinking attitude encouraged him to attend the MGI Middle East and North Africa Area Meeting in Casablanca, Morocco between February 10th and 11th this year. 

How the MGI Area Meeting provided the perfect opportunity

Pierpaolo has an Italian client that had set up an aluminium sidings business, Magher Maroc SARL, in Morocco. The meeting provided the perfect opportunity for Vannucci & Associati to learn more about the country, forge relationships with other MGI Worldwide members and meet his client.

Casablanca-based MGI member Audicis SARL hosted the MGI Middle East and North Africa Area Meeting, and Pierpaolo was able to arrange a face-to-face introduction between his client and the firm. According to Pierpaolo, referring his client to Mohamed Boumesmar at Audicis was a resounding success. 

“My client was impressed with Mohamed’s in-depth understanding of the Moroccan business environment, his professionalism and his ability to service foreign investors,” he explained.

Vannucci & Associati Case Study ImageWinning new business through MGI membership

Since the meeting, Magher Maroc has appointed Audicis to perform its bookkeeping and set internal control procedures.

Mohamed highlighted how Pierpaolo’s initiative of attending an MGI Worldwide meeting outside Europe has benefited his firm.

“We thank Pierpaolo for thinking of us and his introduction to his client. This is what being a member of MGI Worldwide is all about – the opportunity to gain business  or a new client,” he stated. 

Plans for the future

Pierpaolo hopes to continue building Vannucci & Associati’s international reach even further. He is not only concentrating on developing more business in Morocco’s construction and building materials sector, but he is also hosting an event on June 7th to honour the firm’s 30th anniversary. 

Vannucci & Associati will celebrate the occasion alongside clients and other businesses, with the firm also taking the opportunity to promote its MGI Worldwide membership on the day.

“I am proud to be a member of MGI Worldwide, and introducing fellow MGI Worldwide members gives me the ability to showcase my firm’s international reach,” Pierpaolo said. 


Vannucci & Associati is a member of MGI Europe and Audicis SARL a member of MGI Middle East & North Africa, part of MGI Worldwide a Top 20 ranked international accounting network with some 5,000 independent auditors, accountants and tax experts  in over 250 locations worldwide.

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