Grant Field talks about the value of membership to a global accounting network for growing business and retaining staff

19th January 2018

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Grant Field, from member firm MGI South Queensland Pty Ltd., Brisbane, Australia, explains some of the advantages that MGI Worldwide membership brings for his growing business and in attracting and retaining high quality staff.

For firms looking to expand abroad, being part of a global network is a very powerful tool.

‘I can pick up the phone, talk to someone I know in the United States, find out what the position is there, or pick up the phone to someone in Asia, knowing that we’ll get a good answer, that we will get looked after, (this is) extremely powerful,’ says Grant.

He also speaks about the value of the MGI Worldwide brand, across the region, and how it has helped in attracting and retaining employees, enabling staff to feel part of something bigger. Regional training programmes and inter-firm exchanges further enhance this experience.

Grant finishes by explaining why MGI Worldwide is better than larger accounting firms and why clients see the value of such a network.

‘Their realisation is if they go and work with a much bigger accounting firm, that they won’t get to work with a partner, with an owner of the business, that they will get pushed down the line and dealt with by lower level staff.’

Watch the full member testimonial video:

Visit MGI South Queensland Pty Ltd.’s MGI Worldwide member profile page HERE 

MGI South Queensland Pty Ltd. is part of MGI Australasia, a regional network of MGI Worldwide, a top 20 ranked global accounting network with some 5,000 independent auditors, accountants and tax experts in over 260 locations around the world.

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