Watch a video round-up of last month's MGI Latin America accountancy network meeting

15th June 2018

MGI World MGI Latin America accounting meeting Video still 518x362

This year MGI Latin America held their annual meeting in Quito, Ecuador, between 23rd and 25th of May. It was hosted by MGI Guerra, a member of the MGI Worldwide global accounting network for the past 30 years. 

Lively conversation and networking were among the highlights of the event, not to mention the wonderful weather. It was one of the region’s best-attended meetings of the last few years attracting delegates from across the region and beyond.

MGI Worldwide members can see the full meeting highlights along with the conference agenda and complete delegate list, in the online Member Area in the Meeting highlights section. Click HERE to login.

For further information contact Regional Director Andrea Pallas

Watch the video of meeting highlights HERE

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