Roger Isaacs talks about the strength and efficiency of collaboration within the MGI Forensic Accountancy Group

10th May 2018

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Roger Isaacs from Milsted Langdon LLP, discusses how collaboration and cross-border networking has brought more strength and efficiency to the process of handling international cases within the MGI Forensic Accountancy Group.

"This is the first time we've got a number of forensic experts together in different jurisdisctions, and there is no doubt that by collaborating as we've been doing on some recent cases, we can provide clients and instructing solicitors and lawyers with a much broader and cost-effective service than we were able to do before" he states.

Roger goes on to give examples of cases that required local expertise. By using one lead expert to leverage advice from each local expert required, previously-incurred costs and international travel were kept to a minimum. 

Roger concludes by stating that cases can now be dealt with easily and quickly thanks to the collaborative process facilitated by the forensic group.

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