Post-Brexit business - are you ready?

21st September 2018

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MGI Worldwide member firms can help UK businesses prepare for at least some of the uncertainty that will come when the UK officially withdraws from the European Union (EU).

There are less than 200 days until Britain officially leaves the European Union (EU) and many businesses feel apprehensive about what will happen when 11pm strikes on March 29th 2019.

Brexit uncertainty

Although the referendum was more than two years ago, Brexit continues to be the focus of most political discourse. But where does this leave businesses? With no deal in place and the prospect of leaving the bloc without any arrangement in place becoming more likely, firms are desperately treading water.

Politics aside, Brexit makes very little sense. Being part of the 28-member union has arguably helped the UK's economy, making it a more attractive trade partner and supporting it through the aftermath of the financial crash.

Domestically, within the UK, there's not much stability either. Theresa May has proven resilient to even her harshest critics since taking over the top spot at number 10 but rumours of a mutiny seem to grow stronger by the day. With one Brexit minister down and out and a foreign secretary that swiftly abandoned ship, the Conservative party is everything but strong and stable.

Brussels, on the other hand, remain uncompromising and - with all the cards - why wouldn't they be? Brexit may be some 190 days away but the deadline for negotiations is even shorter. With no deal in sight, an emergency meeting has been scheduled for November but that leaves barely five months to put any new measures into law.

Larger businesses have already set the wheels in motion to prepare themselves for the worst-case scenario but smaller firms are left feeling forgotten and overwhelmed.

How can MGI Worldwide member firms help?

MGI Worldwide member firms in the UK & Ireland and across Europe can help, with the launch of a new service to support those operating in or trading with the EU. Firms have been working together to provide a solution and support UK businesses.

Dedicated service from MGI Worldwide member firms

Spearheaded by MGI UK & Ireland member firm Milsted Langdon LLP, with locations in Bristol, Bath, London, Taunton and Yeovil, the service provides reassurances for UK businesses - regardless of the final exit deal. The new package will see MGI Worldwide member firms in the UK & Ireland and across Europe work together to create an entity in Ireland or another European nation.

Simon Rowe from Milsted Langdon said: “This service provides an opportunity for UK businesses to take away at least some of the uncertainty of what Brexit means so they feel safe in the knowledge that – regardless of the final exit deal – business can continue.

"UK businesses need to stay ahead of the curve, so the day after Brexit they can press the button and start running under a new entity and continue to serve their market in the European Economic Area post-Brexit."

Targeted flyer helps promote new service

MGI Worldwide has produced a new flyer to help firms promote this new service. Twoversions of the flyer are available, an MGI Worldwide version, and firm branded version which can be personalised to an individual member firm wishing to offer this service

Simon goes on to explain that to make use of this flyer, Milsted Langdon LLP will doingan e-mail shot to all clients and referrers as well as promoting this new service on social media. They also hope to follow this with a seminar - jointly with their tax team - looking at exporting and overseas tax.

No one can fully predict what will happen after Brexit but MGI Worldwide can help you be better prepared - whatever the scenario.

Find out more

Download Brexit flyer HERE

Talk to an MGI Worldwide member firm to help you today

With an experienced and well-established team of accountancy professionals based in the UK & Ireland, across Europe and internationally, MGI Worldwide member firms are well equipped to help all types and sizes of UK businesses with their Brexit planning.

Contact us at or visit and start talking with an MGI Worldwide member firm near you today and see how we can help you take advantage of this service and further ensure your business success post-Brexit. 

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