Brazil-based accountancy network members MGI SENGERWAGNER gain new business after adopting MGI Worldwide global branding

30th January 2019

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Claudio Wagner, Managing Partner of MGI SENGERWAGNER in Brazil, tells us how his firm has been surprised with the successful results that their new website has brought - a website whose design closely follows the global guidelines recommended by MGI Worldwide.

MGI SENGERWAGNER has been a member of MGI Worldwide accounting group for 16 years. Since joining the network it has been fully committed to the MGI Worldwide brand, adopting the MGI prefix from the start.

A few months ago, the firm took the big step of updating their website, creating a modern and visually attractive site which not only meets all the MGI Worldwide requirements and guidelines but also closely resembles the MGI Worldwide website, helping to create a sense of consistency and unity across the network.

Click HERE to visit MGI SENGERWAGNER's updated website

New website brings positive results

Since going live with the new website, MGI SENGERWAGNER has received 12 requests for proposals from customers who found them via the internet. Four of these requests for proposals led to new work for the firm. This is an unprecedented achievement for the firm.

Curious about these results, the MGI SENGERWAGNER team conducted a study to identify how these new clients had found the firm on the Internet, and what had persuaded them to make contact.  In the words of Claudio Wagner, 'The response was unanimous: clients contacted us because our website resembles that of the Big Four, with modern, dynamic and updated branding that demonstrates that the firm is the same throughout the world.'

Andrea Pallas, MGI Latin America Regional Director explains, 'Our member firms are very committed to MGI branding with 95% of MGI Latin America member firms having adopted the MGI-prefix in their brand names. Many of our member firms have noticed that the MGI-prefix has helped to boost client acquisition and retention and are working hard – together with MGI Latin America – to create a consistent image that reflects MGI Worldwide’s global branding strategy.'

MGI Latin America is always excited to hear about ways in which the MGI Worldwide brand and its global identity is bringing tangible results to member firms and encourages other firms to do likewise in order to continue strengthening the MGI Worldwide brand around the world.

View MGI SENGERWAGNER’s profile page HERE.

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