Join us next Tuesday 14 April, at the usual time of 9:00 AM and 22:00 PM London time, BST, and share your experience of the challenge of working from home

9th April 2020

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All over the world, many of you in CPAAI and MGI Worldwide are now working remotely from home and likely will be for many weeks to come.

As the initial flurry of activity of adjusting and focusing on helping your clients is coming to an end, you may be starting to get into a routine.

Working from home is not easy to adapt to. You may have your family all around you and be trying to create a quiet working space for yourself. You might be alone, dealing with your separation from friends and loved ones.  The work challenges are also there - technical problems, access to information and support, coordination, supervision.

We talk about some of the professional and psychological issues in our Coronavirus Hub. If you don't have a login to see this, please email Emma at, who will give you access.

We especially welcome less senior members of staff - we want to hear your opinions

This is not just for partners and directors. Your opinions, experience and suggestions are really important. We are all learning - from the top to the bottom of all our firms. Most of all, we are learning from each other and know we are not alone in the wider world. Please feel free to invite any of your colleagues to join us.

See some new faces and get to know collegues around the world in a similar situation! This is informal, many of us have family in the room, so don't be shy! We recommend using headphones or earphones if you can but it is not essential.

Zoom Links & Passwords - IMPORTANT

See the timetable below. The webinar will be repeated to allow all time zones to take part. 

To access the webinar, visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub - resources and updates page in the Member Area where you will find the full list of the weekly 'drop-in' Zoom calls with times, links and required passwords.

Once on this page, just click on the Zoom link at the time of the meeting and insert the provided password. You do not need to install the Zoom app and can run the call in your browser. Your computer needs a camera and sound (microphone and speaker or headset). If you have problems with your system sound or cannot join with video, you can also dial in by telephone. Again, details can be found on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub - resources and updates page in the Member Area.

Please switch on your webcam so we can all see each other – your visual presence is more important than ever!

Zoom Timetable 


Every Tuesday

Working From Home

  Example locations      

Session 1

  London 09:00 - 14 April    
  Frankfurt 10:00 - 14 April    
  Cape Town 10:00 - 14 April    
  Dubai 12:00 - 14 April    
  New Delhi 13:00 - 14 April    
  Singapore 16:00 - 14 April    
  Sydney 18:00 - 14 April    
  Auckland 20:00 - 14 April    

Session 2

  San Francisco 14:00 - 14 April    
  Mexico City 16:00 - 14 April    
  New York 17:00 - 14 April    
  Toronto 17:00 - 14 April    
  Buenos Aires 18:00 - 14 April    
  London 22:00 - 14 April    
  Sydney 07:00 next day - 15 April    
  Auckland 09:00 next day - 15 April    

Join in this informal conversation with the MGI Worldwide CPAAI global community and share!
If you have problems using computer audito or cannot access the Zoom video, feel free to dial by phone.Find your local number here: If there is no number for your country, you can call another country but beware of international call charges.

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