Weekly drop-in calls start this week - we hope you can join us

7th April 2020

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We are now offering weekly ‘drop-in’ Zoom calls for everyone to keep in touch and continue sharing ideas and experiences about dealing with the crisis as it evolves. 

We encourage all CPAAI and MGI Worldwide firms to get involved and everyone is welcome to join in – partners, managers, juniors, trainees, admin, so please remember to share this invitation with everyone in your firm!

Managing your practice – Every Tuesday/Wednesday

This is an open forum for everyone to discuss all aspects of managing your practice, to hear ideas and share experiences with one another such as:

  • Working remotely and psychological challenges.
  • Workflow, cash flow, furlough during the crisis.
  • Government intervention and support for businesses.
  • Thinking short-term and planning for the long-term.
  • Use of technology – the cloud, Teams, Slack, Sococo, Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • Ideas on interacting with clients and staff.

Marketing & communications – Every Thursday/Friday

This is an open forum for everyone to discuss all aspects of marketing and communications, to hear ideas and share experiences with one another such as:

  • Communicating and interacting with colleagues/teams.
  • Communicating and interacting with clients/potential clients.
  • Marketing and communications to help clients.
  • Prioritising tasks and planning for the short and long-term.
  • New and creative ways of staying connected.
  • Sharing examples of any of the above.

Taking part in the webinars

See the timetable below. The webinars will be repeated to allow all time zones to take part. 

To access the webinars, visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub - resources and updates page in the Member Area where you will find the full list of the weekly 'drop-in' Zoom calls with times, links and required passwords.

Once on this page, just click on the Zoom link at the time of the meeting and insert the provided password. You do not need to install the Zoom app and can run the call in your browser. Your computer needs a camera and sound (microphone and speaker or headset).  If you have problems with your system sound or cannot join with video, you can also dial in by telephone. Again, details can be found on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub - resources and updates page in the Member Area.

Please switch on your webcam so we can all see each other – your visual presence is more important than ever!



Every Tuesday/Wednesday

Starting 7 April/ 8 April
(depending on local time)

Every Thursday/Friday

Starting 9 April/10 April
(depending on local time)

Example locations Managing Your Practice  Marketing and Communications 

Session 1

San Francisco 14:00 - 07 April 14:00 - 07 April
Mexico City 16:00 - 07 April 16:00 - 07 April
New York 17:00 - 07 April 17:00 - 07 April
Buenos Aires 18:00 - 07 April 18:00 - 07 April
London 22:00 - 07 April 22:00 - 07 April
Sydney 07:00 - 08 April 07:00 - 08 April
Auckland 09:00 - 08 April 09:00 - 08 April

Session 2

London 09:00 - 07 April 09:00 - 07 April 
Frankfurt 10:0007 April 10:0007 April 
Cape Town 10:0007 April 10:0007 April 
Dubai 12:0007 April 12:0007 April 
New Delhi 13:0007 April 13:0007 April 
Singapore 16:0007 April 16:0007 April 
Sydney 18:0007 April 18:0007 April 
Auckland 20:0007 April 20:0007 April 

For those dialing in, please find your local number here:

We hope you can join us. Feel free to drop-in when you can – you don’t need to stay the whole hour. Feel free to bring your cup of coffee, tea or other drink. This is informal. Don’t worry if you have family members in the room – we are all at home too.

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