Interested to know what’s happening in MGI Asia? Watch a recording of the Asia Region update, as presented at the 2020 Virtual Global Meeting

9th December 2020

MGI World MGI Worldwide CPAAI 2020 Asia Update

Whether an Asia Region member, or whether you simply want to keep up to date with what is happening around the global network and association, you can now view a recording of Regional Director, Audrey Danasamy’s Asia Region Report as delivered during the October Virtual Global meeting.

Joint governance

With 36 member firms across 19 countries, Asia is proud to have been the first region to form a joint governance structure of the merged, MGI Worldwide and CPAAI, organisation. Audrey, therefore, began her presentation by giving an overview of the Region’s new joint Regional Coordinating Committee and particularly thanked the IC members from both organisations, Imran Assan and Lawrence Wong, and the rest of the team, who have been meeting regularly and working together closely to ensure that the merger integration is well-managed well and goes according to plan. 

Member engagement

Member engagement was a key focus during 2020 to ensure that CPAAI and MGI Worldwide member firms had opportunity to get to know eachother and become familiar with the way the region operates. One of the positives to arise from the pandemic is that everyone is now familiar with Zoom, so meeting virtually was simple and a series of 1-on-1 and joint Zoom calls were held as well as the regular Circle meetings which went virtual.

Member support and collaboration

Another big focus for the Asia region was the support of members through member collaboration. Audrey elaborated:

“Several cross-border Zoom calls were arranged between our member firms where we we were able to talk about business development and opportunities for successful collaboration. We also organised calls with members in developing economies, discussing ways to grow their business and register for global tenders.”

Marketing and making the most of membership

Along with the global marketing team, the Asia region has been supporting its members, helping them to raise their profile in their local markets as well as within the MGI/CPAAI global community using the website, social media channels and other platforms.

To watch the full recordings of the Asia Region Update from Audrey Danasamy, log in to the Member Area of the website and visit the 2020 Virtual Global Meeting highlights page. Links to all recordings can be found at the bottom of the page.

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