Hello! Meet the newly combined Global and Regional Management Team at MGI Worldwide with CPAAI – Watch our video

27th February 2020

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It’s always good to be able to put a face to a name, which is why we asked our newly combined Global and Regional Management Team to introduce themselves via video using their mobile phones. No matter where in the world you are located you get to see who’s who across the global accounting network.

Check out our video and find out who everyone is, what their roles are and where they are located. You can’t fail to notice that we have quite some geographic spread! From the UK and across Europe, all the way to the USA, South America, Australia, and the UAE, wherever you are located there is always going to be someone there who is able to help and support you in making the most of your membership.

Watch our video

The MGI Worldwide with CPAAI Global Team


Clive Viegas Bennett   
Chief Executive Officer
Leadership of MGI Worldwide and CPAAI, subject to the will of the IC.
Based Lisbon, Portugal and London, UK
M: +44 7900 780 990

Michael Parness   

Chief Operating Officer
All operational matters, including budgeting and finance, quality assurance, membership issues and member recruitment.
Based New Jersey, USA
M: +1 201 400 1919

International Marketing Director
Global marketing and communications
Based Sussex, UK
M: +44 7437 011337

Nicki Lynn   
International Business Development Manager
Global business development, meetings content, thought leadership, marketing.
Based Bedfordshire, UK
M: +44 7769 14545

Emma Rowley   

Marketing Coordinator
Membership marketing support, international marketing, directory.
Based Estoril, Portugal
M: +351 938 511 140


Audrey Danasamy  
Regional Director - Africa, Asia, Middle East & North Africa
Management of these regions, reporting to the regional IC members and management.
Based Melbourne Australia (moving to Dubai, UAE)
M: +61 466 888 776

Casey Lightbody   
Regional Coordinator Australasia
Regional marketing and liaison with global organisation.
Based Brisbane, Australia
M: +61 410 804 868

Zoltán Paksy   
Regional Director, Europe
Management of the region, reporting to the regional coordinating committee
Based Budapest, Hungary
M: +36 30 525 8000

Andrea Pallas   

Regional Director, Latin America
Management of the region, reporting to the regional coordinating committee
Based Montevideo, Uruguay
M: +598 95 122 442

Fernanda López   
Mexico Manager
Management of the Mexico Circle, reporting to the Regional Director
Based Zacatecas, Mexico
M: +52 1 492 123 8627

Paul Winder   

Regional Coordinator, UK & Ireland
Management of the region, reporting to the regional coordinating committee.
M: +44 7799 862763

Joe Tarasco   

Regional Director, North America
Management of the region, reporting to the regional coordinating committee
Based New York, USA
M: +1 845 265 9046

Nancy Damato   
Marketing Director, North America
Marketing and communications for the region
M: +1 917 921 6768

Join us at one of our upcoming MGI Worldwide with CPAAI  meetings

Take advantage of the many networking opportunities by joining us at one of our events. We have a full calendar of regional and international meetings and webinars this year and everyone is welcome to attend any of our events no matter where you are located.

Information of all upcoming events can be seen here.

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI is top 20 ranked global accounting network and association with 10,000 independent auditors, accountants and tax experts in some 460 locations in almost 100 countries around the world.


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