Join us for our next Star Speaker Webinar on Wednesday 20 May, when renowned economist and international investment strategist, Jonathan Pain, discusses the new global economic landscape after the pandemic. All Members, Staff and Clients are welcome!

14th May 2020

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MGI Worldwide with CPAAI are pleased to announce the next in our Star Speaker Webinar series, featuring investment strategist, Jonathan Pain, author and publisher of widely read investment newsletter, The Pain Report. Jonathan is a regular guest on CNBC and Sky Business TV and speaks at conferences and seminars around the world, including, very successfully, at two of our AGMs. We look forward to hearing him speak to us again!

“After the pandemic. What will the new global economic reality look like?”

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the economic landscape for many of us. As we move through the phases of the pandemic, we will be exploring what the new normal might look like and discussing strategies for adapting to a new economic reality.

This webinar is valuable for all Members, Staff and Clients and so please don’t forget to share the invitation.

Among other things, he will explore:

  • The decoupling of China and the USA 
  • Germany, UK and South East Asia
  • Oil prices, equities, financial markets
  • The role of central banks
  • The possible shape of a recovery and the post-COVID-19 world

We are running this webinar together with our sister legal network, Mackrell International

Join us on
Wednesday 20 May, 12 pm (BST) London Time  [9pm Sydney]
After the pandemic. What will the new global economic reality look like Webinar

Jonathan has kindly offered all members of MGI Worldwide and CPAAI a special discount for access to his weekly Pain Report at AUD 700 (c. USD 450 p.a.). Just go to the CONTACT page of that website, insert your name and email address and include MGI 2020 PAIN in the message and he will invoice you.

Introducing Jonathan Pain

With 35 years of international investment experience, Jonathan Pain is a Director of JP Consulting and has led investment teams in London, Bahrain and Australia, where he now calls home. 

Jonathan was one of only a handful of investment strategists to forecast the 2008 crash. He also anticipated the bursting of the ‘Technology Bubble’ and, in a controversial call, he predicted Donald Trump winning the US election. As well as producing his highly respected weekly Pain Report on the global economy and investment, he appears frequently on Australian, US and international TV and radio. He has also spoken to two of our AGMs - Sydney in 2013 and Dubai in 2019 and members found him fascinating and insightful. 

With a knack for inspired forecasting, Jonathan was interviewed by CNBC on 24 February regarding his prediction during the early days of the pandemic that Covid-19 would have a massive impact not only on China but on the Global economy, with Global equity markets falling 20-25%. He proved to be absolutely right. And worse.

Join us on
Wednesday 20 May, 12 pm (BST) London Time  [9pm Sydney]
After the pandemic. What will the new global economic reality look like Webinar

Jonathan is offering all members of MGI Worldwide and CPAAI a specially discounted rate for access to the Pain Report at AUD 700.

For more information about this and other MGI Worldwide with CPAAI webinars please visit our Events webpage, go HERE

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