WOW! Modern Excel Features: a must-watch webinar for Excel users. Watch on demand now!

20th May 2020

MGI World #tech-on-tuesdays layout for David Beanim's webinar on Modern Excel

Microsoft Excel is packed with lots of exciting and new features. Watch our most recent tech-on-Tuesday’s webinar with David Benaim who really does ‘Wow’ people across our global accounting network with the amazing things they can do in Excel.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us. We hope you enjoyed it and learnt some new things!

Watch the Webinar Recording Now

If you are an Excel user, there never has been a better time to learn some of the new features this programme offers. This webinar has a real ‘wow’ factor, attracting near to 200 MGI Worldwide and CPAAI members, staff and clients – it really is a must-watch webinar for Excel Users.

In this webinar recording expect to see demos of:

  • Built in AI/machine learning capabilities like flash fill & ideas
  • Rich data types, e.g. get the USD GBP live linked in a spreadsheet
  • Excel’s revamped “comments” system
  • Simultaneous editing
  • Dynamic Arrays
  • Power Query
  • Functions that supersede the most used, e.g. XLOOKUP, AGGREGATE, SWITCH, TEXTJOIN
  • Interactive clickable slicers
  • Map charts & other new visuals

Another successful tech-on-Tuesday’s webinar from MGI Worldwide with CPAAI

"Fantastic, David - just super wow all through.” Clive Viegas Bennett, CEO, MGI Worldwide with CPAAI

"I'm way beyond wow at this point.” Nick Groen, Groen, Kluka & Company, P.C., USA

“Wow!” Shankar Thapa, Shankar Associates, Chartered Accountants, Nepal

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the live event

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us. We hope you enjoyed it and learnt some new things! Members of MGI Worldwide with CPAAI can download the presentation file and extra resources, including: 

  1. A breakdown of which Excel version is needed for each feature, and what is available in Google sheets
  2. Attached is the Completed Excel file of what David showed
  3. A summary of the slides
  4. David’s YouTube for plenty of tutorials on Excel, G Sheets, Power BI, Zoom, PowerPoint, Teams:

To access these resources, please head to the member area online, go HERE.

David Benaim MVP, corporate trainer & founder of Xlconsulting. David began his career as a chartered accounting training contract at Deloitte London and now runs a data analytics & training firm Xlconsulting in Cambodia which has trained over 1500 people and consulted over 100 clients in six years. 

We have 3 more upcoming tech-on-Tuesday webinar sessions with David. Join us for next weeks tech-on-Tuesday’s webinar on 26 May 2020 at the same time of 2 PM BST London Time where we explore the modern features of PowerPoint for remote presentations.  Registrations details to follow later today.

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