NOW available to watch on demand, David Benaim's latest webinar: Is Microsoft Lists the successor to Excel?

13th November 2020

Watch our latest #tech webinar with resident expert David Benaim as he explores some of the features of the newly launched Microsoft Lists app, comparing its key features to those of Excel.

About this webinar

Excel’s flexibility means data input sheets are often poorly set up creating issues like slow data entry, errors, inability to summarise with Pivots or SUMIFS. This month, Microsoft launched a new app “Microsoft Lists” which gives an alternative for robust data entry that can take other inputs like images, attachments and an automatic form based input. Can it replace our Excel needs?

Microsoft Lists (a reimagining of the old SharePoint Lists) is a fantastic new tool which aims to fill this void, builders can create a simple and pretty data input sheet which can be edited but stores the data in a robust analysable dataset (that can be further analysed in Excel or otherwise. And to top it off, Lists allows feats beyond Excel’s capabilities like notifications on changes, multi select drop down lists, images in cells, a form based data input with searchable dropdown lists and other tools.

Watch this webinar now

David has also made a YouTube video with a shorter version of the session HERE.

Members of MGI Worldwide with CPAAI can download the presentation file. To access these resources, please head to the Webinars page in the Members area.

Looking to brush up your Excel skills?

Whilst David's regular #tech webinars have been enlightening, a number of members have asked if more detailed training might be available. We have therefore asked David to prepare some in-depth training sessions for our members, the first of which is a series of 3 X 3-hour sessions on "Modern Excel", this December. For full details and to register click on the links below:

Coming next month

Next month on 8 Dec, with the audit season approaching, David will go through the auditor’s toolbox in modern Excel.

For a full range of Microsft tips and tutorials, visit David Benaim’s YouTube channel here.

For more information please contact Paul Winder at or Maxine Brock at

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