A successful collaboration between member firms from MGI Worldwide and CPAAI highlights the advantages of this year’s merger as the firms share knowledge and expertise to strengthen their client service offering

9th September 2020

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André Farinelli from Switzerland-based MGI Audit et Gestion S.A. and Milton Chambonett, from Panama's CPAAI firm CPA/Tax Chambonett y Asociados, share how following the recent merger, they have been able to successfully collaborate to support the needs of one of CPA/Tax’s clients.

Leveraging opportunities

The merger, in January 2020, of MGI Worldwide with CPAAI provided a number of great opportunities, with members being able to reach out to an increased network of trusted contacts across the world.

As Milton noted: “The opportunities that this merger provides for CPAAI partners is immense and opens up a change for creating new business and attracting new clients which we must be sure to take full advantage of.”

From Panama to Switzerland

CPAAI firm CPA/Tax Chambonett y Asociados recently referred one of their Panama-based clients, with operations in Switzerland, to MGI Worldwide member firm, MGI Audit et Gestion S.A. in Lausanne, Switzerland. Milton explained that their client, a successful importer and exporter in the alcohol sector, with a 50 million USD annual turnover, does their accounting in Panama, but their head office is, in fact, based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Meeting clients’ international needs

CPA/Tax Chambonett y Asociados’ client was looking for a Lausanne-based auditor, so Milton contacted André Farinelli of MGI Audit et Gestion S.A. via email to see if his firm could help. André was happy to assisit and was delighted to see that the merger was presenting such strong collaboration opportunities so early on.

He comments, “We were pleasantly surprised to be contacted by a CPAAI firm in Panama in the first year of our new merger, and especially as it has led to a fruitful collaboration.”

Client satisfaction

The satisfaction of his client was key, and Milton is still in close contact with his client who has expressed their pleasure at working with MGI Audit et Gestion in Switzerland, noting how attentive they have been to their needs. It is thanks to the merger that such new opportunities are being created, where geographical boundaries have been widened and our members can rely on an increased number of partner firms around the world. Members have been able to gain a competitive edge in their local market and most importantly provide added value for their clients.

Building trust

To conclude, Milton told us how he is always happy to help other firms within the network. “From Panama, as a financial, logistics and transportation, humanitarian, and trade HUB, we are available to all MGI members, as we have always been available to our CPAAI family.”

Following such a positive experience, CPA/Tax Chambonett y Asociados has also now held talks with other MGI Worldwide firms in Guatemala, Miami and Puerto Rico, with further opportunities sure to follow. MGI Audit et Gestion looks forward to continuing to reap the benefits of the recent merger and the increased opportunities for collaboration that it has brought to his firm.

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For more information about MGI Audit et Gestion visit their member profile page or their website and for more information about CPAAI firm CPA/Tax Chambonett y Asociados visit their member profile page or their website.

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