Senior Client Manager Devan Bishop at Dobbyn+Carafa, Melbourne looks to build connections in Singapore, Indonesia and UK

2nd August 2021

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Dobbyn+Carafa (D+C) who joined the MGI Worldwide membership in April 2019 have been successful in working with members in the Asia region over the past 2 years. Senior Client Manager Devan Bishop talks about some of the things he is doing in his role to build connections internationally.

Singapore to Melbourne, Australia

MGI N. Rajan Associates, based in Singapore, recently referred a business opportunity to Devan and his team through an Indian consulting company that had established itself in Singapore and was looking to do the same in Melbourne, Australia.

After researching the client’s needs, Devan assisted in setting up an Australian company and providing resident director services, which Dobbyn+Cafara will continue to do until the client is able to post an employee in Australia to act as the permanent resident director.

Devan spoke of the collaboration, saying:

“We were able to work with MGI N. Rajan Associates and their clients to set up a company in Melbourne and appoint a Resident Director in their absence, given the inability to travel internationally at the moment. It’s been a terrific experience working with them and their client to service their needs in Melbourne.”

Melbourne, Australia to Jakarta, Indonesia

In a bid to support their clients with operations in Asia, Devan, with the help of MGI Worldwide’s Regional Director for Asia, Audrey Danasamy, set up a call with MGI Gideon Adi & Rekan, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The objective of the discussion was to understand the foreign direct investment regime in Indonesia – specifically in the building materials manufacturing sector.

Devan explained:

“Having joined the network, I was really keen to reach out to other member firms. One of these was MGI Gideon Adi & Rekan who I’ve been speaking to about potential manufacturing opportunities for clients that we have here in Melbourne that wish to manufacture products in Indonesia.”

Further collaborations in Asia

Speaking about the ‘invaluable’ support and resources at MGI Worldwide, Devan continues to say,

“The connections and level of contacts that Asia’s Regional Director, Audrey, has in the region and being able to put me in contact with people that are relevant to our specific requirements has been invaluable.”

Melbourne, London, UK

Devan has also been keen to reach out to MGI Worldwides’s Regional Director for the UK & Ireland, Paul Winder, to help build connections that may become useful for a client that operates in the App development space.

Devan explains,

“Our client in the App development space has a head office in the UK and operates out of Melbourne, and we felt it was a worthwhile exercise for us to get to know the UK’s Regional Director, Paul, so that in the event that work arose we already had that connection.”

We are always delighted to see such successful collaborations between our members. What are you doing to build connections in your region and internationally? Do you have a success story you want to share? Please tell us at

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