BPO becomes MGI-BPO! Check out our Hungarian-based member MGI-BPO’s New Look

18th June 2021

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Exciting news from Hungary as long-standing member of 16 years adopts the MGI-Prefix as part of their firm name to become MGI-BPO. This big move coincides with MGI-BPO’s 20th anniversary as a firm and brings the launch of a new website that aligns with the MGI Worldwide global brand, further strengthening the firms position in the local market. They are already starting to see a good uplift in enquiries from the website since its launch.

You can see this in action if you visit the new-look MGI-BPO website.  

MGI-BPO are active members of the network, regularly attending regional and international meetings and Managing Partner László Killik is also International Committee member representing Europe, a member of the European Executive Committee and the European Eastern Circle Leader. We spoke to László, who explained his motivations behind this important move:  

“International engagement is our future and the future of all MGI Worldwide firms. This is an interesting and exciting journey where we are able to work well internationally because we personally know each other, which is a real benefit to our clients.” 

Benefitting from the reputational benefits of our global brand 

Seeing member firms leveraging the global brand, and benefiting from the reputational benefits this brings, creates many advantages. The MGI Worldwide brand strength is not about logos and colours, it’s about the value it creates when a member firm uses it, and what the MGI Worldwide brand communicates to the market, to clients and to staff. László echoed this when discussing his firm’s decision to take the MGI-Prefix.

“Trust is very important in our business, but particularly for those firms that don’t know us it’s hard to create. Having the MGI-Prefix as part of our firm name to become 'MGI-BPO' demonstrates quality and shows that we are part of a bigger community where we can help our clients grow and our colleagues to grow in their international careers too.”

Hear what László has to say

Are you a member of MGI Worldwide interested in using the MGI-Prefix as part of your firm name?

Use of the MGI-Prefix is optional, and not a compulsory requirement part of membership, although for firms that choose to, it can create advantages and help firms to compete more effectively with the Big 4 and other larger accounting firms in the local market.

If you would like to find out more about how to leverage the strength of the MGI Worldwide brand for your firm’s benefits, please contact Maxine Brock at

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI is a top 20 ranked global accounting network and association with almost 10,000 professionals, accountants and tax experts in some 460 locations in almost 100 countries around the world. 

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