UK Immigration post-Brexit – What you need to know

1st June 2021

MGI World Lead slide from Mackrell's Post Brexit Immigration presentation

The United Kingdom’s recent departure from the European Union has brought changes to UK immigration laws which may affect a person’s eligibility to work and reside in Britain.

To help businesses, individuals, and HR leaders gain a greater appreciation of the new rules, Skylar McKeith, immigration solicitor at Mackrell Solicitors, London, has prepared an informative presentation covering the new rules, and setting out the steps that need to be taken to work and reside in the UK.

View the presentation HERE

In this presentation

This presentation covers the following key points:

  • How the new points-based immigration system works
  • Pre-settled and settled status of EU citizens
  • The various types of work visa
  • Visas for spouses or members of a family
  • Visa appeals

“The presentation provides an overview of U.K. Immigration post Brexit. In particular, the presentation covers the new points-based system, including different types of work-related visas, and the process that companies must adhere to in order to hire foreign workers."

Skylar McKeith
Consultant Solicitor
Immigration Team
Mackrell Solicitors, London

Mackrell International and MGI Worldwide

Mackrell International (MI) is MGI Worldwide’s sister law network. Like us, they are a global network of independent (in this case), law firms. With 90 members representing a total of 4500 lawyers and attorneys working out of 170 offices in 60 countries. Like us, MI is able to deliver global expertise and local influence.

By working together, we as MI and MGI Worldwide members can provide a comprehensive range of accounting and legal services to better serve our clients. If you have not yet reached out to your local MI office, now is a perfect opportunity. Click HERE to find a full list of MI offices around the world.

Thank you

We would like to thank Skylar McKeith and Mackrell Solicitors for sharing this informative presentation with us. If you have any queries about Mackrell International’s immigration services, please contact Skylar McKeith by emailing or calling +44 (0) 20 7240 0521.

"We hope you enjoy this presentation and can take something useful away that may help you in future."

Mackrell Solicitors, London

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