Are your Clients facing complex cross-border issues in the wake of Brexit? Our Member Firm Roberts Nathan in Ireland can help

8th March 2021

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MGI Worldwide Member Firm Roberts Nathan based in Ireland with office locations in Dublin and Cork, have been supporting businesses that operate in the UK and Europe to overcome the challenges presented by Brexit, and help them maintain their turnover and profitability. 

Do you have Clients operating in the UK and Europe facing this issue? 

MGI Worldwide Key Contact and Partner at Firm, Vivian Nathan says, 

“There is considerable confusion and uncertainty surrounding the implementation of the Brexit/EU agreement that was signed last December and we are seeing this manifest itself for a number of our clients who operate in the UK and Europe. We have been dealing with complex cross border issues that have arisen and continue to pose challenges for firms and individuals trading in this sector.” 

The main Challenges of Brexit – Your Clients may be experiencing one or all of the following challenges:

  • Extra Brexit-related charges for exporting into the EU means their profit margins are eroded and now it’s far less viable to continue to trade in the EU 

  • Customers in Europe are being asked by couriers to pay VAT upfront on the goods being shipped to them, resulting in those customers becoming disgruntled and ultimately sourcing the same product elsewhere 

  • Delays at ports which means their customers are not getting their goods on time when needed 

  • More forms and paperwork resulting in more admin and headaches. Many businesses had to hire more staff to handle the extra admin – meaning more costs 

Help to Overcome the Challenges 

Faced with the above challenges, your clients might feel that they are left with only two options. Either they continue to export goods to the EU as they did before Brexit and pay the VAT and other charges themselves instead of passing them on to their customers – although for many, this isn’t financially viable as profit margins would be eroded significantly – or they stop exporting to the EU altogether. 

Peter Roberts, Partner, says, 

“British business was left to find its own way out of the maze of difficulties and uncertainties created by Brexit. British exporters of goods to their EU customers are now being presented with a range of unflagged problems that were not highlighted in advance by either of the negotiating partners to the Brexit agreement.” 

How Roberts Nathan can help 

Peter continued to explain that the aim of Brexit was to produce a frictionless and painless outcome, but that was not achieved, so Roberts Nathan actively began creating solutions to assist businesses to overcome these difficulties and developed a third option, which Roberts Nathan have been recommending to many of their UK clients. They can help set up and register your clients business in Ireland through a subsidiary company, wholly owned by its UK parent and, in circumstances where products are imported from outside the EU, goods can be shipped from Ireland to their EU customers, helping them to avoid various Brexit related charges. Your client’s customers will receive their goods on time and Roberts Nathan can assist in dealing with the VAT matters arising in Ireland. 

This solution will allow your Clients to keep running their business at the required profit margin they need while avoiding the Brexit challenges faced detailed above. 

Roberts Nathan welcome Members to get in touch 

If you would like to explore further how this solution can benefit your Clients, and how you can work with Roberts Nathan to achieve the best outcome for them, please contact Vivian Nathan at

To find out more visit Roberts Nathan Member Firm Profile Page HERE or go to their website HERE.

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