Did you catch our recent webinar ‘Brexit: Where are we now?’ There’s still time to watch the recording and bring yourself up to speed!

3rd May 2021

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It seems a long time since ‘Brexit’ was the key topic of our news stations, with feeds for the past year being dominated by the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s understandable – after all, none of us have ever lived through a Global pandemic before.

That said, Brexit is still very much a topic of concern for many businesses and – whether you were in favour of the UK remaining in Europe or leaving, its exit has spelt a number of changes.

Representing the MGI Worldwide CPAAI Global VAT Specialist Group, Client Service Director Ian Marrow, from Rickard Luckin Ltd, recently hosted a webinar on post Brexit changes for businesses. With 10 years’ experience working for HMRC, Ian “crossed the floor” to private practice and now deals with HMRC regarding claims and assisting clients with VAT visits. In addition, he oversees the compliance side of the business which submits VAT returns for over 100 clients.

100 days on from Brexit

This webinar was focused on helping businesses look to the future and navigate their way out of the post-pandemic landscape. Taking place on Wednesday 14 April, 34 attendees from across Europe, UK & Ireland, and USA tuned in to hear the valuable advice given. If you missed it though, it’s not too late!

Looking at the first 100 days, the webinar explored what might be on the horizon for businesses. In the few months since Brexit many businesses involved in trading with Great Britain have had a steep learning curve with terms not previously causing concern, such as origination, transit codes, PVA and incoterms becoming part of the daily norm. 

An insightful presentation

Ian covered a series of questions and topics that have been causing concern and confusion, offering clarity and direction moving forward:

  • Problems encountered and solutions that have been found.
  • The impact on services, especially the place of supply, and how they have been considered
  • Revised timings for the phases originally announced at the end of 2020

You can watch the webinar recording HERE:

More about our Global VAT Specialist Group

VAT legislation is complex and constantly evolving. Our experienced indirect tax specialists provide a centre of excellence in the field of VAT and customs across the world. Besides compliance questions, these experts can answer any day-to-day questions as well as assist you, among others, with the correct qualification of transactions, evaluations of contracts, VAT audits and setting up processes together with creating manuals and guidelines.

For further support regarding your clients’ VAT issues, please contact our Global VAT Specialists.

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