Watch our latest #tech-on-Tuesdays webinar and learn how to work magic with Excel. Webinar recording available on demand!

23rd November 2021

MGI World Tech 518X362

Another successful #tech-on-Tuesdays webinar, presented by our resident Microsoft expert David Benaim, showcased the latest updates to Excel, looking particularly at analysing data through clickable interactive dashboards.

In this webinar, David explains how to create some useful interactive dashboards of different kinds of data, and shows how to clean up messy data with Power Query, create pivot tables to summarise the data and then charts from those Pivot Tables plus clickable interactive slicers.

David also explored Excel’s new charts liker map charts, waterfalls, box & whisker as well as practical chart hacks like budget vs actuals, and even grab data from Excel’s own encyclopedia feature known as linked data types.

You can watch the recording of David’s tutorial video HERE:

Sway summary

David made a post webinar pack via Sway HERE. It is a collection of all post webinar resources including a written summary, relevant videos from David’s YouTube channel, the exercise workbook David used, the slides, and the recording.

Finally you can keep up to date with David’s YouTube channel where he posts weekly videos on all sorts of workplace technology. See HERE.

Weekly shortcut tip:

Excel Filter: Ctrl Shift L (see article by David Benaim, from last week, on Cambodia’s impressive vaccine rollout)

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