Need tips for designing a compelling content strategy for your firm? Watch a recording of the latest Marketing call to find out more

18th April 2022

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During our latest Marketing Call, on 7 April, award winning content creator and former journalist, Henry McIntosh, gave a presentation titled: “Content is King (or Queen) - What is your Firms Content Strategy?”. Henry spoke about the importance of creating content that drives awareness, interest and action from a strategic target market. This must-watch webinar is now available on demand.

Why is content strategy important?

It can be the difference between a prospect doing business with you – or glancing round your website, not seeing anything that grabs their attention and moving on…

Once you’ve got their attention, holding it and engaging them is also key. And in the ‘noisy’, cluttered digital world, achieving cut-through and engagement and then encouraging people to come back is vital. 

So how do we do this effectively as professional services firms?  How do we differentiate from other firms in our sector? How do we utilise content to generate quality leads? How can we use our content proactively rather than passively – and what dynamic tools are there like blogs, vlogs, podcasts, video and other streams to showcase how we benefit our clients? 

Creating content that converts

In this webinar Henry explains the importance of creating engaging content and shares the relevant tools and steps.

The 8 steps to Content Success:

  1. Start with the end in mind.
  2. What makes your brand special?
  3. How well do you know your ideal customers?
  4. What's your tone of voice?
  5. Select your format, create an angle.
  6. Set your strategy.
  7. Create the content.
  8. Distribute and measure

Watch the webinar recording here:

You can access Henry's presentation HERE.

"The best content marketing, when you see it, is not selling you anything. I think that is a really important point to make."

Henry McIntosh

This webinar generated great interest and participation from attendees. Content is a key pillar of every marketing strategy, and there is so much more to talk about this ever-evolving topic. We hope we can have Henry join us again in a future session to cover other interesting aspects of content.

About Henry McIntosh

Henry is Director of 2112 Marketing, and award-winning content creator & former journalist. He used LinkedIn to generate over £1 million in closed business for clients during 2021 (with no advertising costs). Henry creates content for big and small brands and consistently generates exceptional ROI for professional services clients through content marketing and paid advertising.

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