Latin America region's first International Audit Diploma is a resounding success

30th June 2022

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After months of planning and collaboration, MGI Latin America's objective of providing an International Auditing Diploma, at a regional level, became a reality. Held during the months of April and May, the course was a resounding success.

The initiative began when MGI Mexico's president, Omar Pérez from member firm Pérez Olvera Enriquez Asociados, S.C., developed a virtual training platform in collaboration with Óscar Chile at our firm in Guatemala, MGI Chile Monroy y Asociados. The resulting programme covered a full range of audit topics spread over more than 10 sessions, and counted on the commitment and dedication of some 20 speakers from 12 member firms across the Latin America region. The program covered content of great interest to the participants, with a real focus on the region and its diversity.

Fernanda López, Mexico Manager, who was responsible for the entire organisation and management of the course, comments:

“We have always been open to adapting and to change - we now live in a virtual age and we have taken advantage of it. Being able to offer our members online training and continuing education programmes will open doors to new opportunities for us; we still have a lot to learn to improve the experience of our programme but we are always willing to learn from the best. Thank you very much Omar Pérez and Óscar Chile for making this possible”.

Record number of attendees

Interest in the training programme was huge with each of the 10 sessions attracting an average of 290 participants - one session saw a staggering 580 people log on!

Positive feedback

We share some of the comments received from both attendees and speakers:

Mariana Duarte, Manager at MGI Chile Monroy y Asociados, Guatemala:

"The course addressed very important issues in the development of audit work, it gave us the opportunity to exchange opinions and listen to the experiences of speakers at an international level, which allows us to reaffirm our criteria and complement our work with new procedures.”

Ricardo Ruiz, partner at MGI P&P Asociados, Venezuela:

“From a personal point of view, it is very good to be able to participate in the training of MGI staff in the area. It is a way of interrelating, of seeing and listening to voices other than those of its partners and managers. The Diploma also allows the staff of the firms to see that MGI is a dynamic entity and that it translates into benefits for their professional careers.”

Hermes Hernández, partner at MGI Hernández y Asociados, Costa Rica:

“It was a wonderful experience to be able to count on a group of professionals willing to transmit their ideas and knowledge in a masterful way. The topics and the participation of the members of the group exponentially promote a better and wider dissemination of knowledge. This has been a great project that we hope can continue in later years for the growth of the group and the consolidation of the network.”


Very satisfied with the results and extremely enthusiastic about the feedback received from the people who took part, the Latin America region is already planning additional sessions to be held later in the year with the clear objective of continuing to promote the exchange of knowledge and generating added value for its members.

Omar Perez, president of MGI Mexico, partner at Perez Olvera Enriquez y Asociados and precursor of this initiative, reflects:

“If life gives us problems, we must create opportunities. That is what the pandemic did to us, it brought time forward 10 years and we saw in it the opportunity to unite Latin America in a multinational forum, of the highest quality at a negligible cost: the international audit seminar cost us less than a dollar per person. Now we have the challenge of holding our next forum to even higher standards. We looking in to ways to achieve this and I am sure that as a team we will rise to the challenge.”

For more information contact Mexico Manager Fernanda López at

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