MGI Worldwide's Kenya-based member firm MGI Alekim LLP celebrates #EarthDay 2022 with an exciting tree planting initiative!

11th May 2022

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On 22 April, MGI Worldwide global accounting network member firm MGI Alekim LLP, in Kenya, marked #EarthDay 2022 with a special tree planting initiative. The crowds were out in force for the celebrations - a full marching band leading the MGI Alekim and supporters to Ngong Forest where the tree planting took place.

Managing Partner Felix Kimoli was excited to be heading up this new initiative, a first for the firm and was determined to make an impact within his local community to help draw people's attention to the importance of looking after our environment. Felix comments:

“On the day that the world was celebrating earth day we decided to join in and do it in style. We wanted Nairobi to know that we were around and were planting trees, so we organised a band. I was very impressed with my staff as they acted as traffic police while we marched onto all the main highways, all the way to the place we were planting the trees.”

Evelyne Kayume, Partner at MGI Alekim LLP, talks us through the rest of the day

“We were armed with our boots and gardening tools ready to pay tribute to mother earth. It was raining cats and dogs but that didn’t deter any of us from making it to Ngong Road Forest. Everyone paced up and down, making sure all was to in order to get the program started. Our clients didn’t disappoint either, for they managed to show up and extend their support towards this great day.

"Over 100 volunteers came out to help plant more than 270 trees at the Ngong Road Forest. Earth Day has become our new favourite day of the year!

"We would like to give a special thanks to all the on-the-ground local partners and our global partners from MGI UK & Ireland and MGI worldwide that helped make our first tree planting event a huge success!”

Turning thoughts into actions

The greatest difference between success and failure is not the lack of ideas, but lack of implementation. Having a proactive team with great enthusiasm ensured that MGI Alekim LLP was able to turn its great ideas into reality. Felix Kimoli explains the logistics of closing the office on a Friday to celebrate #EarthDay along with the rest of the world, and his delight that the firm’s clients not only supported this event but asked that it become an annual fixture in the firm calendar.

“The tree planting was even more exciting and successful than I imagined it would be – no one wanted to leave. Clients said this was something that made them want to work with us and they want us to make it an annual event. They even asked that we warn them in good time so they can walk with us.”

Participating in ESG Journey call leads to collaboration

As a result of Felix sharing this initiative on a recent  ESG Journey call, Paul Winder, MGI UK & Ireland Regional Coordinator saw this not only as an opportunity to collaborate and support MGI Alekim LLP but as  a perfect opportunity to help offset UK & Irelands carbon footprint after the recent Talent Meeting, held in Amsterdam. As a result, the region collaborated with Felix and sponsored the planting and nurturing of 100 trees! (More on that coming soon!)

MGI Worldwide would like to thank MGI Alekim LLP for stepping up to make their ideas a reality and doing something that future generations will be able to thank them for.

To find out more about MGI Alekim LLP's initiatives contact Felix Kimoli at

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees; under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
Nelson Henderson

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