MGI Worldwide sees new global cryptocurrency group emerge in response to the growing interest in this exciting new and developing area

4th May 2022

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Led by members in Australia, Thailand and the UK, we are delighted to introduce a new specialist working group in the exciting, ever-evolving field of cryptocurrency.

Providing a platform for our members to share and discuss this fascinating field, the group fills a need by many to understand more about cryptocurrency and the impact and opportunities it presents for them and their clients.

The first Cryptocurrency Group Roundtable call took place last week, with 17 members from 13 firms across 7 countries calling in. Members are at different points of the journey and range from the crypto curious to the crypto knowledgeable, but what they all share is an excitement to further their knowledge and a deep desire to learn more.

Guiding clients through the cryptocurrency process

Some members newer to this sector are receiving more questions from their clients who have purchased, or are thinking about purchasing, cryptocurrencies. With the help of this new group, these members will be better suited to building an advisory service, while those who have been involved in this new emerging sector for several years already, and who already have clients heavily involved in mining cryptocurrencies, are able to share their experienced and learn from others.

Extensive capabilities in this ever-evolving area

As new service lines are being established to support clients in this ever-changing market area, there are questions that need to be addressed. By bringing together knowledgeable experts across the network, accounting matters in cryptocurrency transactions, audits, and taxation & regulatory requirements across different borders have been brought to the forefront.

Member insights into this fascinating sector

The first group roundtable was a huge success, with representations from those who are curious and those who are already extremely knowledgeable. By shining a light on cryptocurrency it is becoming more accessible to those involved, or looking to become involved, and opening up a whole new area for members to discuss with their clients.

If you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency, or would like to find out more details about this new group, please contact Nicki Lynn, International Business Development Manager, for further details at

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