Hear from some of our exceptional leaders as they share experiences: "In conversation with... Erik Emilsson"

22nd November 2022

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Some of our inspiring leaders from across the MGI Worldwide accounting network, give up a few minutes to share valuable experiences and insights. Here we take time "In conversation with...Erik Emilsson" former MGI Worldwide Chairman, and Partner at longstanding member firm Revideco.

Hi, I’m Erik

When I was young, I didn't know what to do as a grown up - except for being a touring pop musician, a butler, or maybe a football goalie, but none of them really seemed to suit my personality.

I wasn't too keen to go to university, but I figured that I could always use accounting. After school I thought a year or two at a big accounting firm wouldn't hurt. I was wrong though, it did hurt, and it made me want to create a different kind of accounting firm - in 1994 I founded Revideco!

Despite being a Chartered Accountant, my drive wasn’t really accounting or audit. I discovered that what I really enjoyed was helping entrepreneurs, whilst being one myself. As my business grew, in came a lot of good people, many of them still part of the firm today.

Firm milestones so far include: joining MGI Worldwide in 2000, forming a true partnership with key employees in 2010, and the long-planned generation shift we launched in 2021.

Today we have four offices across Sweden, a good and sustainable profit, and a team of over 60 fantastic people. I still enjoy working with people every day. And, today I know that when I grow up I want to become a neurologist or a GP doctor!

My most valuable piece of advice for you…

Focus on understanding, accepting and loving your strange thoughts, weird feelings and your shame. You will then understand, accept and love other people, and make the world a better place.

The best advice I received…

In the words of Erik, “This too will pass!”

And, what NOT to do!

Don’t believe in urgency, unless you’re in front of a raging bull. All good things take time.

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