ISQM 1: Streamline your System of Quality Management. CaseWare webinar is NOW available!

10th November 2022

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Are you up-to-date with the International Standard on Quality Management 1 (ISQM 1) requirements? MGI Worldwide invited tech partner CaseWare to discuss what firms should be considering when implementing ISQM 1 and what solutions best meet their needs.

Is ISQM applicable to you? Yes!

From December 15, 2022, ISQM 1 must be applied by all firms that provide the following services (in addition to audits and other assurance services):
  • Independent reviews performed in terms of ISRE 2000 – 2699
  • Related services (ISRS 4000 – 4699), which include agreed-upon procedures and compilation engagements.

Key points covered in this session:

  • Overview of the key differences between the new ISQM 1 standard and the old ISQC 1 standard
  • Important deadlines for designing and implementing your firm’s System of Quality Management
  • Specify key roles and responsibilities within your firm for achieving the objectives of ISQM 1
  • Introduction to Caseware’s new proactive and efficient cloud-based system to help you design, implement and operate a System of Quality Management for the professional services provided by your firm, in compliance with the requirements of ISQM 1.

Webinar recording available to watch:

For the presentations shared during this webinar please visit the Webinars page in the Member area or contact


Juané Schreuder is a content provider and consultant SQM Quality for CaseWare Africa.

Snethemba Mahlaba is an experienced Key Account Manager at Caseware Africa. She looks after some of the Network Firms across the African Continent that use all the various Caseware solutions.


Juané Schreuder

Snethemba Mahlaba

For further information contact Paul Winder at
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