10 Jul 2020

A big welcome goes out to our new members in Russia as DELOVOY PROFIL Group joins the MGI Worldwide with CPAAI accounting network and association in the Europe Region

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI welcomes a new member in Russia

MGI Europe is delighted to share the news that Moscow-based DELOVOY PROFIL Group is the latest firm to join the network. The well-regarded audit and consulting group offer a wide range of professional services in the fields of audit, consulting and valuation, as well as expert solutions for international development.


A significant player in the Russian marketplace for the past 25 years, DELOVOY PROFIL Group comprises a team of professionals in the field of auditing and consulting. The firm is committed to adhering to international standards of corporate social responsibility, paying close attention to maintaining the principles of corporate liability. 

According to the rating agency RAEX, for the last few years DELOVOY PROFIL Group has ranked among the top audit and consulting companies in Russia. Its tax and accountancy solutions include: audit (in accordance with RAS and IFRS), tax and legal consulting, M&A services, management consulting and market research, financial consulting and valuation services.

DELOVOY PROFIL Group’s team consists of two Senior partners, six Partners and just over 80 professionals. Alexandra Pashkevich is the firm’s leading specialist in Business Development and is MGI Worldwide’s key contact at DELOVOY PROFIL Group.


Why did DELOVOY PROFIL Group join MGI Worldwide with CPAAI?

We recently spoke to Kseniya Arhipova and Armen Danielyan, Senior Partners of DELOVOY PROFIL Group, about their firm’s reasons for joining our accountancy network and association. They explained that,

“When we decide to enter the network, we carefully discovered the key ratings and lists of international audit and consulting networks, including IAB and Forum of Firms list. There were several reasons for special interest in MGI Worldwide, the first of which was the fact that we earlier, over 7 years ago, had already been a part of MGI. Consequently, we were confident in the high reliability and responsibility for quality of MGI Worldwide.

"The second reason for us wanting to become a member of MGI Worldwide with CPAAI was to develop business and connections internationally, and to have an opportunity to share our experience, and learn through the experiences of other accountancy, audit and tax professionals from around the globe.

"In addition, the global trend of globalization is encouraging our clients to enter international markets, we strive to provide them with full quality support. And we hope that we will be able to do it together with MGI Worldwide members at a high level of quality.”

A brief introduction to Russia

Located in Eastern Europe and Norther Asia, Russia is the largest country in the world by surface area, spanning more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area. This vast size encompasses some 30% of the world’s natural resources, which the World Bank estimates as having a value of around $75 trillion US dollars.

The Russian economy ranks as the fifth largest in Europe, the eleventh largest in the world by nominal GDP and the fifth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). The country is considered an energy superpower, thanks to having the world’s largest proven natural gas reserves – it is the largest exporter of natural gas and the second largest exporter of petroleum.

For more information, visit DELOVOY PROFIL Group’s MGI Worldwide with CPAAI member profile page and their website.

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