16 Mar 2023

A big welcome to MGI Worldwide's new Technical Committee member, Abe Petersen

MGI Worldwide would like to give a big welcome to Abe Petersen of MGI Bass Gordon in Cape Town, South Africa, as he joins the network's Technical Committee to serve alongside Jane Lowden from F. W. Smith, Riches & Co., UK and Karin Monchak from MGI Assurance Auditores Independentes S.S., Brazil.

The Technical Committee (TC) comprises three members chosen by the IC from non-IC Members and its role is to advise the IC and CEO on technical aspects of the quality review and audit independence systems of the network, to propose the regulatory framework for those systems, to appoint and guide quality reviewers and to assess member firms on their quality assurance performance.



"We are delighted to welcome Abe on to the Technical Committee, where he will be able to bring his considerable expertise to bear for the benefit of other members. Abe has already spent fourteen years as a Partner with Bass Gordon, South Africa - a member firm since 1985- and has considerable experience in audit assurance, quality management and general business accounting and taxation services.  His arrival also gives us a decent breadth of representation on the Committee, as he joins Jane from London and Karin from Brazil."
Chris Borneman, CEO

Abe is looking forward to contributing actively to the network.



"I wish to thank our CEO Chris Borneman and the leadership at MGI Worldwide for considering me for this role and am very excited to be a part of the team. I look forward to being of assistance to our members through the work we perform as the Technical Committee and adding value wherever we can."
Abe Petersen, MGI Bass Gordon, South Africa

MGI Worldwide Technical Committee

For further information please reach out to any of our Technical Committee members.

Abe Petersen: [email protected]
Jane Lowden: [email protected]
Karin Monchak: [email protected]




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